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Strange days

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Sep 20, 2013

Good morning EXer’s!!


I have to tell you a true story. This isn’t a cry for help. I’m fine. But a strange thing happened to me the other day. I was tense, irritable and just out of sorts for a good part of the day until I realized what the problem was. It was the addict within, sending me urges!


Now this may seem like a bad thing to some since I’m approaching three years of a good quit but the reality is that it’s not. And this is why. Once there was a time when urges would drive me nuts!


This time I felt the urges and didn’t understand what they were! Can you imagine that? After all of the days that I lived with these things. They were foreign to me. The thing that I fought against for so long was now a strange new thing.


Once I understood what was happening, I simply did what I always did as I walked the path to freedom. And it was gone! I was back, feeling the peace like I always do these days, I was having a strangely horrible day but you know what?  When I realized what it was it brought a smile to my face for you see, some very valuable lessons were learned along with some observations.


First off, I realized that I had accomplished something that we all strive for. And that is a dissociation between the urges and the nicotine. What I found interesting was the fact that my mind still received the urge at all. And what was more interesting was my reaction to it. As an unidentified part of my mind that was influencing my day. A part that I learned so well in the past and then dismissed when it was no longer needed.


I never once had a desire to smoke during this day. The only way that I even realized what was going on inside of me came from something I always do when I’m a bit out of sorts. When I want to change my focus or the way I feel on a given day, I always look inside of myself and see what I can change to improve my day. This is because I believe that our world and the situations that we encounter in this world are not static. The circumstances we face in life might be out of our control but how we react to these events is certainly for us to decide.


And so, once I found the root of my problem, I was able to change that part of my thinking. I once again told the addict within that I’m aware of it’s presence and that the message was received. With this simple understanding, I not only changed the outcome of my day or at least the way I perceived the day and at the same time learned some very valuable lessons.


We can never forget how we win each and every day of our quits because there might just be one day when we need that knowledge. But we don’t have to dwell on the quit. We still can live a wonderful life of freedom for you see, there was never a desire within me to smoke. Not even a little glimmer of a thought. There was only the physical manifestation of what used to be an urge.


So I guess what I’m sharing here is that for me, I now know I’ve won not the battle but the actual war. Only I can change the events of my life and I know that one event that I’ll never allow to change in my world is to become a slave to tobacco again. I simply won’t let it happen!!


And so, armed with this new knowledge, I progress on in life more confident than ever in my ability to be master of my emotions. To be master of the addict within. To live my life happily free of the ball and chain of addiction.


And just think. Soon all of you will be here, where I am right now. Free of the slavery. Free of the desire to go back to that nasty world of addiction. Free to live life how we want to live it for you see, once we see the life of freedom and feel it for what it really is. Well, we just never have the slightest desire to return to that sad and addicted place that we once knew and knowing that brings a kind of internal peace that can never be shaken!


See you on the summit of Mt. Freedom!!!


Good morning EXer’s!!


I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here but you have been in my thoughts, Why? because what we do here is such a positive thing. The struggles that we must face may seem hard and yet it’s because of these struggles that we find a new meaning for our lives.


We find a kind of peace when we rid ourselves of the mask of addiction. I think this is because us humans really don’t want to live in a world of deception and as such when we can get past the negative of what we’re doing and see the world as it really is then not only have we progressed on our journey but we have taken the first step to understanding what we’re trying to do.


We’ve realized that we’re addicts but at the same time we know that this is one thing in our lives that we can change. This is one thing that doesn’t have to remain the same. This is the one thing that can turn our lives upside down and yet create such a wonderful feeling within us. That feeling of doing the right thing for ourselves. That feeling of knowing just how much we care for our futures and the lives of those we love.


Taking that first step can seem a little scary but this too is a normal part of the journey. I think this is because before we actually decide to quit, we have become so complacent in our world, even though it’s a world filled with an addictive fog where we endlessly try to convince ourselves that this is the world we really want. And yet when we think about it, we know that if we’re living an addiction then really we’re living a world of lies.


But taking that first step onto the path of freedom begins the process of removing that mask of addiction from ourselves. And each day that we progress on the path frees us just a little more from our addictive world. Each day on the path removes yet another piece of the mask of addiction from us until the day comes that we can see clearly through that mask. This is the day that we can see that freedom. Sure, we have a bit to go but now we can see so clearly that soon like a rainbow giving us a promise, there in the distance is our shiny new life almost beckoning to us.


This in itself helps us because suddenly we no longer see the loss of our past smoking life. No, instead we see ourselves in the future breathing better than ever before! And feeling on top of the world because no longer do we have a ball and chain attached to us, forcing us to endlessly fill our lungs with death.


This is when we realize that every time we finished a cigarette we got ready to smoke the next. This is when we can see the addiction for what it really is. This is when we realize that we never were really happy with our past lives of smoking and what’s amazing is that on the day that we can clearly see through the mask of addiction and see our quit for what it really is well, this is the day that we can smile just a little because we have taken the very power away from the addict within. We have kicked that nasty thing to the curb. We have taken our lives back!


So whether you’re in the middle of your quit or just thinking about starting, always remember that the day you take that first step on the road to freedom is not a day of loss. No, it’s a day to celebrate even if it takes a little time to see through the mask of your addictions.


Fight on my friends! There is no better feeling than the feeling of peace that is awaiting you down the road. The day you quit was the day that you decided it was time for a new and wonderful friend. You just might not have realized that the new friend is actually you with a new outlook on life!!


Good morning Exer's!! I haven't been around for a bit due to some very busy and yes, stressful times. Those times are now reaching a calm point once again. It's not any kind of issue but I mention this for a reason. You see, it wasn't until I was over the hump that I realized something. Something that is amazing and wonderful to me.

Never once during this stressful time did I even think about lighting a cigarette. To me this means that yes. Eventually over time we can disassociate smoking from life events. I always believed that this could eventually happen to us, but now it has become a reality! And that's not all.

There were so many things that I believed would eventually come true. Like finding peace and living a life of freedom. And one by one, these beliefs have become a reality. One by one, the things that used to torment me have vanished. One by one the evil urges and triggers have become a thing of the past, just as I believed they would.

The constant internal struggle is gone as well, just as I always believed it would be so long as I stuck to the path of freedom. So long as I never turned my eyes from the summit of Mt. Freedom.

I think there's an important lesson here for some of us. As we progress on our journeys we have to find a way to believe in ourselves. We have to find a way to believe that things really can be different. That by training a part of our minds to forget the very things that we used to long for, we can find peace. We have to believe that our freedom is so much more important to us then the alternative. But mostly we have to believe that we can go through the process that frees us and know in our very souls that this is what we want.

Once we can believe in a future without cigarettes and long for that, then eventually our belief will become a reality. Eventually we will find the peace that we always believed was there.

So I would say that it really is a good idea for some to take the daily pledge or come to the freedom train every day just so we can reinforce our belief in success. So that we can each day find the strength to get through because I can tell you that whatever it takes is worth it.

Give your mind and body whatever it might need to bolster the belief in success for as long as your thinking of success then it becomes pretty hard to think about failure. Walk each day with a belief that the next one will be better. With a belief that no matter what happens, we will eventually find that peace.

And guess what? Eventually that belief really does become a reality. We really do get to live that life we always believed was there. And when we reach the reality of what we always thought was there. When we take a moment to look at how our belief has become a reality. These are the days of joy that are so worth the trouble it takes to get there.

So get out there! Bolster that belief. Look to the reality that is just over the horizon and then one day, like me, you too will realize that your no longer living a belief. No, your living a reality that no one can take away from you! A reality that is a taste of life like you've never experienced life before. It's right there waiting for you. Believe in that reality and soon you'll be living it!

Keep your eye on the prize!!