I caught a cold!

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Jul 26, 2013

And yet, it's now gone before it ever got started. I haven't had a bad cold since I quit smoking. Just something to remember I think. Smoking can and does effect our immune systems just as it effects almost every other part of our bodies.


By ridding ourselves of the toxins, we begin to heal. To grow. To become physically more perfect, the way nature intended for us to be. What we're doing when we quit is exactly what nature wants us to do. To become a more perfect and harmonious self.


And as we continue to heal in both mind and body, we actually discover that there's time to see nature. There's time to observe the world through the eyes of freedom rather then the eyes of addiction. There's time to actually take stock in our futures because since we became free we realize that there really is a brighter future to look forward to.


There are so many wonderful benefits to quitting and no real valid reason not to.


So be proud of your achievement each and every day that you stay on the path. Be proud of the fact that because you care enough about your future your willing to go through a little discomfort today.


Keep those eyes looking forward to the wonderful freedom that awaits you and before you know it what your going through right now will be but a distant memory . . .


Off to work I go!!