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Hello all,

Just realized that today is a quit anniversary for me. My quit started on February 20, 2011 at 8:15P.M. that equals 789 days smoke free. I haven’t smoked 27,625 cigarettes, have saved 7 months and one day of my life and have saved $4838.75.

As for the monetary savings, I would have to say that in the last couple of years I sure couldn’t have afforded those smokes though I know that as the addict that I was, I would have found a way to pay for them. I’ll also say that I’m loving the freedom! Always look to your future rather then the discomforts that you might be feeling now and before you know it you, like me, will be forever free!!



Good morning Exer’s!!

I hope this day finds you happily smoke free. After all, how can we not be happy when we’re doing such a wonderful thing in our lives. Not that I don’t remember those first hard days. This is one of the many things we have in common. The fact that we must before anything else beat that physical addiction so that we can get on with the other part of our quits. The part that seems to take a while. The mental part of the addiction.

I remember how carefully I chose my quit date, even changing it a few times so that I could have what I thought would be the best opportunity for success. But as so many have said and as was proven to me by my own actions, there just isn’t a "perfect" time to quit. Nonetheless when my quit day came, I did put out that last cigarette. I did begin a journey that would improve the rest of my life. I did find the courage to rip the shackles of addiction from my mind.

And even though I thought I’d picked my quit date perfectly, as soon as the day came so did the stress in my job. As in travelling many miles in the ice and snow to various jobs. All that driving and riding had once been triggers of mine so I was prepared on those first days. I had analyzed all that could derail my quit and kept a constant watch for them, lest they sneak up on me and catch me off guard.

And then, as life would have it. At the beginning of the second month of my quit, the work just stopped! And so there I was, out of work with lot’s of stress and lot’s of free time on my hands. Something no one who beats an addiction want’s is free time! I spent a lot of that time writing my blogs and reading. As so many have mentioned here, distraction of the mind is key to winning!

And so came the creation of Mt. Freedom and the addict within. I found that simple visualization was paramount to my success. I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps it was a method to communicate with the subconscious mind, bringing both halves of the brain together or maybe it was the pure distraction of it all but all I know is that when I saw myself climbing that mountain in search of my freedom it just seemed easier to me.

And when I’d consider the constant argument going on inside, I decided to name that as well. The addict within became my name for that and for me it worked because I was able to direct my thinking at the part of the brain that was rebelling. I was somehow able to reason with the nagging voice within. I was able to laugh at this constant argument because when I really stopped to listen to myself, it was just so very funny!

Still, I carried the addict within up the mountain with me because it’s always better to know what the enemy is up to. Over time the addict within got bored enough to go to sleep for a while. And then I had my first taste of freedom! Wow! It was wonderful. I had won! The battle was at last over.

Or was it? Over the next few months, the time that we call "no man’s land", the addict did wake up on occasion and I would think, "Well hello there my old travelling companion. Didn’t miss you but it’s good to know your still around."

But you see, the addict within had changed or perhaps I should say that both parts of my brain had changed. This is the beauty of this part of the journey. The addict does wake up and send out that old signal to smoke, but the rest of the mind takes that for what it is. A simple short lived craving. No more constant conversation. Just a simple little crave and the ability to dismiss it for what it is.

So yes, though the quit seems to be won by degrees, it still becomes easier. Our minds become clearer and we actually have to learn how to be free. But what a wonderful chore that is! As we learn new ways to use our time that was once wasted, we discover so much in life. We discover that it’s not bad to sit through a movie without craving a cigarette the entire time. It’s so much easier to take that walk in the park but wait! It’s also somehow different. No longer are we holding our addiction in our hands. No longer are we inhaling death.

No, now something’s different. We notice the sweetness of the air. We see the textures of the trees and the nice stream that flows past, sparkling in the sunshine. We notice the clouds for perhaps the first time simply because we’re no longer there to smoke. NOPE. We’re there to enjoy life.

We can all experience the peace of freedom. All we have to do is take that first step onto the slopes of Mt. Freedom. All we have to do is avoid the slippery slopes along the way and soon we will be celebrating at the top of this glorious place for you see, because we never lost our belief that we could achieve this wonder. Because we never thought about today but instead thought of tomorrow. Because we stayed true to ourselves to the bitter end, we got there!

I can’t wait to join you on the summit!!



Good day Exer’s!! I hope this message finds you secure in the fact that you’re a nonsmoker. The other day I was looking around my yard when I made what to me was an amazing discovery. There was a small group of leaves emerging from the ground. Now, this alone wouldn’t have caught my interest were it not for the fact that this plant had been pulled completely out of the ground by a hungry deer and lay there in the sun for a week before I stuck it back into the ground last fall. Thing is, this plant decided that it wanted to live more then anything. This little piece of nature somehow overcame the odds and as I see it will live this year and on into the next. Sometimes it’s the little things that can teach us lessons in life.

To me this showed that we are so much like that little plant that just wouldn’t give up. We become determined to see a future no matter what. Like the plant, we must stick a root firmly into the ground to hold ourselves in place as we fight our daily battle that in the end equals freedom. Like that plant we sense that as long as we do things right, then there really will be a future for us.

However, unlike that little plant we must determine just what it is that we must do to remain firmly rooted in our lives. We have to make not only a choice to live but we also have to determine just what we’re going to do to get there. We have to fight just like that little plant for the freedom that we want so badly. To live yet another year in relative health.

Still, the life of us humans are different because we can make choices. We can determine our own future by taking a different approach to the very life we’re living and sometimes all we have to do is change our method of thinking about things. Sometimes all we have to do is take the knowledge that is given to us and use it to change our lives.

Here at this site, we must face one of the most daunting tasks we might ever face. Here, we have to learn a new life. Here, we have to fight with ourselves until that day that we discover the glorious freedom that comes from beating an addiction. Here, we have to learn things about life and freedom that we might have never learned had we not taken that choice that we did. That choice to be free. That choice to be healthier. That choice to stop doing what we know is wrong and instead look into our hearts for the reality that is the new us.

So on those days when you feel like that journey is just so endless. When you feel weak and tired of it all. These are the days to remember the lessons that only determination can bring. To remember why we started this amazing journey in the first place. These are the days to think that if a single little plant that doesn’t even have a brain can figure out a way to a brighter future, then don’t you think that you can too?

Never for a moment believe that you cannot take back your life. Never for a moment believe that it’s not worth doing for the first moment that you put out that last cigarette is the moment that you proved to yourself that you will live a life of freedom no matter how hard it might seem.

Fight on my friends! Reach for that goal of freedom! This is a fight worth every bit of effort that it takes for though this fight can be long and filled with confusion, when it’s over you’ll understand not only your inner self but perhaps even the most basic of things in life like just what determination and a belief in yourself can do!

Have a wonderful smoke free day!