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Checking in

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Oct 3, 2012

Good morning,

Yesterday was an unusual day for me. I quit about 19 months ago and the freedom has been incredible! But yesterday I actually had a few urges. Thing is, it wasn’t like the urges I used to get when I first quit because these urges had no power to sway me.

These are the kinds of urges that might make one relapse if we’re not careful. Not that I was in any real danger because I know I don’t smoke but I think for some if caught unaware it could have a very negative effect on our quits. Dale has always told me that the urges that appear after the physical urges are over with are memories of smoking and he’s right.

When I analyzed myself, I realized that it really wasn’t an urge. It was a memory of smoking while working. It was the mind remembering the old crutch. And with this realization I found myself smiling for you see, I hadn’t seen the old addict within for some time. Nice try buddy but no dice! You never had anything positive for me before so why on Earth would I think you are a positive manifestation now?

But this experience did remind me of what it was like for those first few months as we walk our path to freedom. It reminded me of how much of a fight it really can be but the thing to remember is that it is a temporary fight and that it’s a fight worth doing because before long you’ll be where I am now, where these crazy urges and the whole fight for that matter becomes nothing but a memory. A past problem that has been dealt with is now simply a matter of resolve. A matter of knowing that I don’t smoke anymore.

But it also reminded me of all of you who are just starting out, perhaps a little scared and confused as I was on those first days. There really is no easy way to put it. Those first days are hard! But it’s the first days that propel you onward to that first week and then that first month soon to become that first year! Now that’s exciting because it’s your future that your working for. It’s your future that you obviously care about or you wouldn’t even think of trying this.

So rather then looking to what you might be losing look instead to all that your gaining! Not only will you achieve a new pride in your ability to rule your own life but the health benefits are almost limitless. In those weak moments, think of those loved ones who you want to grow old with. Think of the freedom from the endless torment of always wanting that next fix.

These are the things that I think of even now when I get what I call those phantom urges.

So if you haven’t started that quit yet then what are you waiting for? And if you just started then stay strong, find support when you need it and always look ahead to all of the benefits awaiting you! So many have made quitting this addiction a reality and I know that you can too.

I can’t wait to see all of you when you realize just how worth it this quit is. When you see first hand the beauty of freedom.

Now, onward to freedom and never look back!