Will it ever end?

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Apr 12, 2012

I think we all run into this thought when we finally take the plunge and quit. The first days we expect trouble and for many of us, we’re surprised at just how easy that first week was compared to what our minds thought it would be like. It’s almost as if the addict within doesn’t even start screaming at us until the second week or more likely, we’re so busy with the physical withdrawals at first that we just don’t notice him.

And then as the weeks go by we become a little more confident in our quits. But along with that comes that seemingly endless nagging from our addiction. The voice that wants to derail our quits. The thing that really does take time to overcome.

This is the part that can make our quit seem endless as we travel our paths to freedom. It’s a rather stubborn part of our brains I think and it’s obviously the part that doesn’t understand the difference between right or wrong. It only reacts to the fact that we’re no longer giving our body the nicotine that it thinks it needs. This creates a kind of internal conflict that can drive us over the edge if we let it.

But the reality is that it does end. Or at least it becomes such a small noise that we can easily ignore it. But until then we’re in danger of loosing our quits because this voice will pop up every time there’s a stressful situation or every time a trigger finds itself in our faces. It’s just a fact that this voice can challenge us over time and can even make us believe that we don’t really want to quit when we’re in a weak moment.

If it were just the three days and bam! Your free! Then I think there would be a whole lot less smokers in this world. Sadly, that’s not the reality of our addictions. We really do have to put a lot into this one task. We really do have to defend ourselves from ourselves. And each time that we quell that maddening voice and step safely out of the trap that it tries to put us in we take that voice down a notch. We teach it that we’re not smoking anymore.

So try to understand that each time we fight our internal addict is a moment of opportunity. It’s a moment to learn. A moment of positive achievement that can reinforce our quits. And before long you’ll realize that though we’ll always be addicts, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be free. It doesn’t mean that our lives will be hell forever. It doesn’t mean that we can’t take something positive in our lives and turn it into a stepping stone to our futures.

So hold on to your quits. Every day does get a little easier. That’s because in our hearts and souls we know that we’re doing the right thing we know that this is something we want to do. We know that we will win because there’s no room for doubt. We know that the insane little voice inside us will no longer hold any power over us because with time that little voice will come to a kind of understanding that no matter what it says you will never smoke again and that my friends is the day that you are truly free!!

Onward to freedom!!