Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Apr 10, 2012

That’s what I think every time I come to this place. The things that go on here are simply amazing. A group of people united under a single goal to help each other endure a journey like no other. It really doesn’t matter that we did this to ourselves. It doesn’t matter that it took us so long to get here. What does matter is that we are here and that we’re committed.

What does matter is that we came here not only to fight but to win! We came here with a single goal in mind and together we will achieve that goal. What’s amazing is that we’ve taken that final step toward freedom at last. We’ve chosen a brighter future over the alternatives. We’ve overcome the fear that held us back for so long and now we’re walking the path to freedom.

Sure we must fight ourselves to win. We must feel a bit of internal discomfort and we must quell the constant doubt within ourselves that we can do this, because that doubt is the enemy. That doubt is something that can be removed from our minds with very little effort. That doubt is the single most negative thing that we must encounter because we know that our doubts are wrong. We know the reality of life and we will achieve that reality by believing in ourselves. By trusting in our commitments and by casting aside all doubt as we continue on.

We knew the path wasn’t going to be an easy one when we chose it but choose it we did. And after that first step is taken, that first day without a cigarette we begin to realize that what we’re doing is no longer a thought. No, it has left the realm of thought and become a reality.

So stay true to your quits. Hold onto that belief in yourself and never let the doubts that the addiction will try to use against you manifest themselves into your reality. There’s no room for that as we climb that tall mountain. That mountain looks so huge at first as we gaze up the slopes to freedom. The summit seems oh so far away! But in the end we cast aside our doubts and gingerly take that first step onto the path of freedom.

At first we must be careful because we’re treading on unfamiliar ground. But each step along the way reinforces our belief in ourselves. Each step takes just a little more of the mystery out of this journey. Each step builds on the last until we’re literally running as our confidence builds.

Suddenly the world is no longer drab. No, it’s filled with life and hope and that belief in yourself just keeps on building. Day after day we trudge to the top, and at times we wonder if it’ll ever get any easier but this time we smile for we know the enemy that is doubt. We know that the only thing that can stop us now is ourselves. So we look to the summit, confident in our ability to get there.

And once our own doubt is gone well, that is really the first day that we can embrace that new found freedom. So go for it my friends! Take that first step into the unknown that will soon be your new life. It’s waiting for you. Beckoning to you! And so long as you always believe in yourself then there can never be a doubt that you’ll get there!

I look forward to seeing you on the summit. Onward to your new life!!