Reality Check

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Apr 5, 2012

Good morning Exers!

WOW! It’s just wonderful to be alive and relatively free of the evil addiction. The sad fact is that once we take the plunge and become addicted to nicotine we not only open up a whole can of worms but at the same time we set ourselves up for a journey like no other when we realize the error of our ways. For most of us, by the time we realize that we want to quit, the tentacles of the addiction are deeply embedded into our minds, hearts and souls.

So thoroughly are we addicted that it seems like more then just quitting. It seems like our entire life will change when we decide to do it. And at times this can make us feel like we’ve run into a brick wall that cannot be climbed or circumvented. I’m glad to report that though it may look this way at times the reality is that most of the wall exists only within our minds. The addicted part that is. The part that will argue with us and try to tell us that there’s no real reason to quit. After all, we’ve smoked all this time so why change now?

And yet I know that all of us here have our reasons to want this change. It’s why we’re here. Because we’ve actually made that scary decision and now it’s time to act on that decision. It’s time to live that decision and turn it into the reality that you so desire. It’s time to cast off the fear of change and never smoke another cigarette. It’ time to face the reality that you’ll never smoke again!

This is how it starts. By taking that first faltering step toward freedom. Sure, it seems hard at first. Our minds scream at us and beg us to tell ourselves what we really think we’re trying to accomplish. And yet we know in our hearts exactly what we’re trying to accomplish. We want to be free! We want to live a longer life. We want to take that which is negative in our lives and convert that to one of the most positive things we could ever achieve.

That’s what we’re doing here. And I have to tell you, after more then a year of freedom I know for a fact that it’s more then worth it. There’s a kind of beauty in freedom that cannot really be described. It just has to be felt. And the only way to feel that freedom is to walk the path to it and that path starts with putting out that last cigarette.

So if you’ve already started on this glorious path then I commend you and look forward to the day that you too will feel that wonderful freedom. When you too will feel that new found health. When you too can look back on your ordeal and know just as I do how very worth it the journey was.

Thing is, there’s even more to it then that. When we quit, we’re forced to learn our own minds and bodies. We’re forced to analyze our very addictions in order to win. These things remain with us forever so every day that you feel saddened. Every day that the addict within tries to derail your quit and doesn’t. Every time you take another deep breath instead of smoking that cigarette is a day that you have learned things about yourself that can only live deep inside and may never be seen had you not chosen your journey.

So fight on! Never for a moment believe that quitting is something you cannot do. Never believe that your not worth the effort because every life is precious. Every life deserves to be lived in the best way that it can be. Every life deserves to be as healthy as it can be. And every life deserves to be free of the shackles of addiction.

Never give up and never, ever give in!!

Onward to freedom!!