At a loss for words

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Apr 4, 2012

You know, I came here yesterday and posted a blog for the first time in a while and to be honest, it all brought back memories. Memories of the fight that I endured with others. Memories of those who I fought with, side by side with a common goal. Memories of just how hard it can be to quit smoking.

I realized that I was missing something that was very dear to me for a long time. I was missing all of you. The determined people who one way or another find a way to beat an addiction that would otherwise enslave them. The ones who must walk those first hard steps and dig in with their heels in order to win. The ones who chose to turn their world upside down for a while in order to beat an addiction that could do us no good.

This is why I was at a loss for words. Me, of all people wordless? Well, not really but one thing has become clear to me because of this last visit. I want to be here more. I need to walk among the determined ones again and offer what little wisdom their might be to offer from my own experiences.

Because it’s all of us together that makes a site like this work. It’s all of us together that creates the determination that it takes to win. It’s all of us together that allows each of us to see the path that must be walked just a little more clearly. It’s all of us together that generate the strength that makes this journey tolerable.

There are times that I’m so busy. And then theirs times where I’m not. I pledge to come here when I can and do what I can even if it’s just a simple message to those who are here trying so hard. A message from someone who’s been there.

Though it takes me a while to navigate this site, I realize that it’s time well spent for you see, there is no better thing that can be done then to help another who might need it. So, like it or not, I’m going to be here more to pitch in where I can.

So I look forward to meeting some of you who I haven’t yet met.

Stay true to yourselves and never, ever give in and soon you’ll be walking with your head held high because what your doing right now can change the rest of your lives. Remember that the discomfort will eventually fade away and after that the only thing we really have to defeat is ourselves.