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Hello everyone. I first wanted to wish each of you a wonderful holiday season! It’s a time of joy and the love of family and friends, though it can also be a time of stress which in turn means that it could become a time of weakness if we let our guard down.

This will be my first holiday season smoke free. I don’t anticipate that I’ll have any problems but I’ll still keep my guard up just to be on the safe side. You just never know when that sneaky old addict within will pop up and try to do what it does. But the reality is that so long as we understand ourselves then we will succeed. So long as we remember our resolve and why we decided to quit then the addict within will have very little to work with.

Don’t let the old addiction get you down during this season and remember that winning this war with ourselves is the most important thing we can do right now because why would we want to start over? Why would we want to take back everything we’ve achieved? I know I won’t be starting over!

So if you run into a situation where your feeling a weakness then get away from that situation. If the people around you don’t understand well, so what! What we are doing right now is building our future. We’re looking at the joy that lies ahead rather then looking at the addictive days that we must live through to get there.

And we all know that the days for the most part get easier. We just have to retrain ourselves and understand that we don’t smoke anymore. It’s no longer a part of our lives.

So enjoy this holiday season but at the same time be wary. Keep an eye out for those past memories that might pop up and give the addiction something to work with. Something that it would use to try to derail our quits. If we stay true to ourselves then in the end we’ll all discover that we’ve just given ourselves the best present of all. The gift of life! The gift of a future! The joy that comes with beating our addiction one more time!

Remember, NO EXCUSES!!


As I approach 300 days, I again find myself reflecting back to the beginnings of my quit. To those strange days when it seemed like the very world that we live in has changed. Those days of confusion when one must fight just to remain free. Those days when we wake up and wonder if we’ll ever get through this journey. If we’ll ever lose our addiction. If we’ll ever become free.

In a way, those were days filled with wonder for you see, I had to learn myself in order to reach my ultimate goal. I had to find the strength that was hidden deep inside of me just waiting to be discovered and then awakened. I had to fill my entire body and soul with the desire to be free and I had to understand that it wasn’t so much the world that had changed as it was ME who had changed.

On those first days it seemed like I just had to get through each one, one day at a time and always believing that the end result would be worth the changes that I must now endure. But those days are now behind me. Those days are now just the memories that I knew they would be. I no longer have to fight my way through each day and I have found the peace that I always knew was there.

Still there’s the occasional craving but don’t let that discourage you for these are easy to deal with and now feel more like an impulse then an urge. And as I have always known, they do pass quickly. They are nothing more then a memory of a past life that I no longer live.

So don’t ever think that you can’t do this. Never believe even for a moment that it’s not in you to win the war with yourself. All it takes is the desire to be free and the determination that will feed that desire. It’s such a wonderful reality that we face once we do become free from ourselves. Once we understand that we don’t smoke anymore. Once we know in our hearts that we will win!

So take each of those days for what they are. A day closer to happiness. A day closer to freedom. A day closer to the beginning of your future. It’s up to you to determine what that future will be. And I now know from experience that what you do today will build your tomorrow.

If you can just get through those first hard days then there really is a bright future out there. This is the reward for what your accomplishing. And it’s a reward like no other! So always look to those days ahead. Always see the reward that is your freedom!

Here’s to that wonderful smoke free future that awaits you!