Day 240 - 8 months - Really?

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Oct 19, 2011

Hey all you Exer's!

It's been a while since I've been here. Just wanted to stop in and say that the life of a nonsmoker is indeed a life of splendor. If your just starting on the journey, believe me, it’s a doable one. Take it from me and countless others who have been through the experience of losing an addiction.

At first it may seem hard but as you build on each day, soon there's a feeling that begins growing one day at a time. It's a feeling of belief in ourselves. It's a feeling of pleasure that comes from living our lives as we want to, free of the shackles of addiction. It's a feeling of achievement and a feeling of triumph that can never be taken away from you once you reach that plateau. That place where the cigarette no longer has a hold on you.

This my friends is what we’re fighting for. This is what makes it worth it to face a little discomfort now in order to see a bright and shiny future ahead. On those first hard days, it's important to remember that what your fighting for is a very noble fight indeed for you are fighting for your very life. Your fighting for the right to see the ones you love grow. Your fighting to see a kind of freedom like you've never wanted to see before.

So take this fight to the end my friends. When things seem hard. When it seems like the cravings are just insurmountable. These are the times to remember that you are worth it and so are those who you love. It's our future that we're talking about. It's our desire to be free that matters most.

So take this day as a single day. One of the ones that you no longer smoke in. Add that day to another and another until you too can say, "Eight months. Really?"

And as you continue on this fight with yourself, you’ll learn so much about yourself that you never knew. You’ll find a belief in life that has always been there, but you just couldn’t see it because it was hiding behind the mask of an addiction.

So fight on! Never believe that your not worth it. Never believe that your future isn’t worth a little discomfort now. For your path is set. Your eyes are looking straight ahead into the light that is your future! Into the light that is your freedom! Into the light that is your soul looking back and realizing that the old life of addiction really wasn’t what it appeared to be. That old world was wrought with a kind of shackle that would rob us of our futures. Of a life that we deserve.

Every one of us deserves to be free. Every one of us deserves to believe in our futures. Every one of us deserves to find that place in our lives where we can truly say, "I will take my life back from myself and I’ll never look back!"

Onward to freedom!!