Closing in on six months!

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Aug 18, 2011

As I reach yet another mile stone in my quit, I find myself reflecting on the past. Those first days when I wondered if I could really do this thing. Really, it does start with the single thought. The trick is to make that thought a reality. At first it seems like we find so many reasons not to quit even though the reasons to quit outweigh the reasons not to, both in fact and reality.

But that’s the face of addiction. Our addiction teaches us to lie to ourselves. It teaches us to paint a rosy picture when in reality the beauty is still awaiting us after we choose to fight for our freedom. The addiction helps us to see things in ways that we know are not real. We see the reality and yet we choose to ignore it.

But then comes the day when we choose to change our reality. The day that we choose to believe in ourselves and our future enough to actually take that first faltering step toward freedom. And I think every one of us at one point or another after taking that step wondered what the heck we’d gotten ourselves into! After all, life seemed so much simpler before we quit. All we had to do was feed our addictions.

But the reality is that with time, we find it easier to ignore our addictions. With time we discover that our reality was riddled with the lies that we told ourselves. For me, this was an important discovery because it taught me to see my world as it really was. And once I could lift the cloud from my own eyes and see how it really was, it made it easier to leave that world behind and embark on a journey like no other. Once the cloud was lifted I could see the path more clearly.

This is the part that takes a little time. We cannot rip the tentacles of addiction from ourselves without replacing that addiction with something else. For me that something else was the dream of my future. It was the mountain that had to be climbed. It was the war with myself that I called the addict within. Yes indeed there were many visions in my world as I learned to win the war against myself.

And now the days are indeed brighter. The days are filled with the wonder of achievement and with strength that I never knew I had inside of me. These are little treasures that we pick up along the way. These are the things that we can keep close and use for so many other wonderful things in our futures. They’re like gems that we can tuck away and use later when we might need them.

I guess what I’m saying is that when we quit and the world looks somehow different to us, it’s important to remember that the world hasn’t changed at all. It’s us that have changed. It’s us that view the world just a little differently then we might have had we not embarked on this journey of life. It’s us that can see a world where we believe in the power of achievement. A world where there is a hope for the future. A world where we can walk with our heads held high for no matter what the future brings, we still know that we did all we could to make that future just a little brighter.

So jump on that horse and ride to your futures. Ride to the place where there is a kind of internal peace that no addict can ever feel. Ride to that place where freedom reins and where the sun is just a little brighter simply because we want to see it that way.

There’s a whole new world waiting for you if you can just take that first step and throw those cigarettes away for good. There’s a shiny new place inside of you that’s waiting to be freed but cannot be so long as we are shackled by addiction. There’s a kind of love of life waiting for you that again, no addict can feel.

So climb my friends! Reach to the stars using the new found belief in yourself. Never for a moment think that you cannot win this. The rewards that await you are beyond the imagination. The rewards are real and tangible. All we have to do is defend ourselves from ourselves and we will be free!