Day 158 - Harmony

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Jul 29, 2011

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m doing just fine. No real problems with my quit. Just loving my life of freedom. I still live with my internal addict. It’s just a fact of life when we quit but he’s so much easier to live with now. My understanding of my addiction has taken me miles from where I stood just a few months ago.


Don’t ever believe that quitting isn’t worth the effort. It’s worth every bit of energy that we have to put into our quits. It’s worth every internal struggle. It’s worth every sleepless night and every ounce of weight that we gain for with each step that we take up the slopes of Mt. Freedom we find ourselves that much closer to what we really seek.


Harmony. A harmony within ourselves that we don’t feel for quite some time after we quit. But it does return my friends. And when we calm our addiction to the point that we can once again feel the harmony within ourselves then we have indeed achieved a goal like no other. Because the only way we can feel that harmony is to have accepted that we no longer smoke.


When all doubt is squashed that we will ever have to smoke, this is the day that our harmony returns to us. It’s the day when we finally stop fighting with ourselves. It’s the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one for as addicts the journey never really ends. It just becomes ever easier until we no longer realize that we’re still on the journey.


So never doubt the rewards that wait for you down the road. Never believe for even an instant that you cannot win this battle with yourselves. For so long as we are true to ourselves then we really can’t stray from the path of freedom. So long as our hearts are filled with a longing for life then we cannot stray from our goals. So long as our souls believe that our health is more important then the slow agonizing death that our addiction can bring, then we will win.


So long as we can always look to the days ahead that are filled with a kind of peace that we cannot feel as addicts, then we will win. The path is clear. It’s been blazed for you by so many before you. Look to the light that is knowledge. Learn the lessons of those who have walked before you for though much cannot be learned without ourselves living it, there’s still a wealth of help for the mind. There’s the power of the many to help the soul. There’s the undying love of our fellow man that lives in this place. Take all of it in that you can. Ease your tortured minds for a bit by writing to the community. Find the things that will help you to win and soon you’ll be where I’m at now.


Loving a life of freedom and feeling the harmony that freedom can bring. Feeling the power that only I could find with my own determination. Feeling a love of life that might have been lost while in the throws of addiction.


Go for it my friends!! Keep your commitment and never give in to yourself. You and you alone have the power to win this goal of freedom. Only you can fight the good fight of a winner! Only you can throw away the shackles of addiction once and for all and only you can fight for your future right now by believing in a future that is free of that monster we call nicotine addiction.


Now, take a deep breath, open your mind to your new reality and fly onward to your future of freedom! I can’t wait to meet you at the finish line!!