Day 140 - Mt. Freedom revisited

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Jul 11, 2011

Wow! It really is amazing how it feels as the time passes from that first day of our quits. There really is a rainbow out there if you want it. There really is that light at the end of the tunnel and it’s so very worth it to reach that light.


I remember back on those first hard days when I saw Mt. Freedom in my minds eye. The mountain was simply my way to visualize my journey as I walked the path to freedom. I remember how daunting the summit looked when I first started. I remember how far away it looked to me and I remember that I was quite determined to make my way to this beautiful summit that signified the future I so badly wanted to be in.


I remember those first faltering steps up the slope. One foot in front of the other as I slowly gained confidence in my ability to reach this goal in my life. I saw the snow fields up ahead and knew that I would have to be careful lest I slip on the ice and have to start over again. I remember climbing out of the snow field and stepping onto the soft, lush tundra.


I remember always looking to the summit where the banner of freedom stood tall and proud, beckoning me to reach it. Looming ahead and waiting for me to raise it high for all to see. Calling to me with each step that I took to reach that seemingly insurmountable goal!


I always kept my eye on the prize of freedom as I walked always upward, secure in the knowledge that each step brought me closer to the prize. Each step brought me closer to freedom. There were hard days when I really had to keep my eye on the summit and never look back for I knew that my journey lied in the future. I knew that the past could bring memories to my mind. Memories of smoking.


And so I continued ever upward until I reached that summit. Until that day that I could stand on it and wave that banner of freedom high over my head. And you know what? It doesn’t seem that long ago at all when I was standing at the base of Mt. Freedom. It wasn’t that long ago that I began a journey to take my life back from the enslavement of my addiction.


This is how it can be for you as well! Once you take the first faltering step into that new future, never look back! Never believe that your life belongs in the world of addiction. Your so much better then that. Your life is worth so much and should never be threatened by the slow death that awaits those who deny themselves the freedom they deserve.


So just remember, though we all have to start with that first day. Though we all have to see the summit of our freedom seem so far away. It eventually gets closer. It is attainable and it’s worth every step that you must take up those slopes. It’s worth every struggle that you must face.


Freedom never comes easy. There’s always a price to pay. But once you get there and look back on the long climb that got you there. Once you realize what freedom really feels like. This is the day that all of the hard work pays off! This is the day that all of us dream of the moment we choose to put out that last cigarette.


And you know what? This is the day that I dream of for all of you!!


Can’t wait to see you on the summit . . .