Day 128 - From the heart

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Jun 29, 2011

Well, each day I seem to be getting closer and closer to the freedom I desire. I find that the only enemy left to fight is myself. I find this to be silly at this point in the game and yet the soft whispers are there whenever I choose to listen to them. Thing is, I don’t have to listen to them any longer. Those whispers of the past have become nothing more then a whimper.


I find it more and more amusing that my mind still does not give up even though there is nothing that can make me smoke. I’ve already proven that to myself time and time again as I walked the path to freedom. And so today I enjoy the internal strength that I’ve gained. I look forward to that future that I’m still building with each day that my quit continues and I have no fear of giving in. Ever!


This is because when I quit, I didn’t think I was going to try to quit. No, I knew I was going to quit. There was no trying about it. I knew in my heart that I was really going to do this and to use the word "try" over the words "going to quit" would have demeaned what I knew in my heart I was really going to do.


My resolve was strong as was my desire to be free. My mind was made up even before I realized that it was because I knew in my heart that this was no test. This was no attempt. No, this was a reality and a reality that I really, really wanted to live.


I think when we decide to quit that we have to really want that freedom in order to succeed. It must burn in our hearts and be all consuming in our minds for indeed that is where the war lies. In the mind. This is where we really must battle to be truly free. This is why it must come from the heart when we decide to quit.


The resolve that it takes comes from a belief in ourselves and our desire to change our futures into something a little more to our liking. But we must know deep down inside of us that this is the path we choose. This is the beginnings of a new life. This is indeed the day that we fight for our very futures and reach out to find the love that awaits us there.


That love comes from those that we care about. It comes from those who care about us. Even if at times it seems like other smokers who are in our lives don’t care about our desire to quit, we have to take a moment and realize that this is because they are still wrapped up in their own addictions and this clouds the heart just as it clouded our own hearts. What’s important at these times is that we listen to our own hearts and not the addictions of others.


So if you travel along and find that your smoking friends are treating you a little differently. If you find that the world seems just a little different since you quit smoking, look into your heart for quitting takes the agreement of the heart, mind and soul. Quitting requires us to forget about some things that we used to think were important to us.


It’s important to remember that smoking never created the conversations with others. No, the conversations came from friendship and if those conversations cease once you quit then just how good of a friend were they? Certainly not a good enough friend to decide to start smoking over.


So I guess my point is that no one should ever have the power to derail our quits. Our quits are our own personal thing that resides deep within us. It has to be that way for us to succeed. We have to walk the path to freedom with an open mind. Open to the changes that we might perceive in the world. Open to the new way we interact with others. Open to the idea that what we have chosen to do is a thing that has a power of it’s own. It’s a thing that belongs deep within us for what we have done is decided that no matter what anyone else thinks. No matter how the world might seem different to us. It just doesn’t matter for we are fighting for a true gem in our lives and that gem is FREEDOM!!!


Onward to that precious future we are creating right now!!