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Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Jun 8, 2011

You know, I was just thinking about everything that happens when we quit. How we must face life’s many challenges in a new light. We can no more just deal with these problems. No, we must also always protect our quit. Of course this is the most important thing in our lives for a time.

There’s always good and bad points in everything we do in life. The hope is that the good outweighs the bad. But it’s kind of a balance of life that we all seem to encounter in this world. If we didn’t have the negative side of things then how could we appreciate the positive?

In fact, the world might be kind of boring if everything were perfect. This is because our minds are geared to look for challenges and to seek the best solutions to these challenges. So if something isn’t challenging enough for us then I think we begin to look for new challenges. It’s just the nature of us humans.

But it’s what we do to achieve our goals that matters most. It’s how we go about creating the scenario that we need to win. It’s about how we learn from each challenge we overcome and how we apply that knowledge to the next challenge.

So really, life is all about growth and in order to attain that growth we must learn and we must apply our past knowledge to the next tasks at hand if we are to continue our progression. This is why a web site like this one is so important to us. Because we’ve all experienced the horror of addiction. We’ve all felt or are about to feel what the addict within will try to do to us when we try to shed ourselves of him.

Many have already overcome these obstacles, and it’s important to share what is learned with others who may be in a different level of their quit. It’s important to ensure that no one ever feels alone. It’s important that we try to understand the needs of another and do what we can to help. It’s important to use our past knowledge to take some of the fear of the unknown away from one who is just starting to take those first faltering steps to freedom.

We have this ability because we’ve fought this battle. We have the power the moment we care enough to make the path to freedom just a little easier for another by using the love, knowledge and compassion that comes from someone who’s been there.

We do this by example and by using our past knowledge of a thing that others might not have experienced before. We try to show others that the goal of life is an attainable goal so long as we continue to overcome the obstacles in our quits. So long as we believe in ourselves and so long as we are confident in our desire to quit.

But really it all starts with the one who desires to quit. No amount of coaching can convince a person who is not ready to quit to actually do it. It just doesn’t work that way. But once that decision is made. Once a person really believes that they are ready. This is when the power of support can be so valuable. This is when one can help another so that everyone wins. This is when we can take pride in the fact that not only have we walked the journey but we have stopped to look around and to see those who might need a little help.

This is how we all win here! It’s really about compassion for our fellow man. It’s about a love that resides within all of us that pours out when we need each other. This is indeed the catalyst of a web site like this one and this is why together we can all achieve our goal of freedom! We celebrate our achievements together, fight together and yes at times cry together. We pick each other up when one of us fall but most importantly, we all WIN together!!

 Never, ever give up the fight!!