Day 72 - Random thoughts

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on May 4, 2011

The climb continues! Indeed it’s a worthy goal to remain tobacco free. But one must wonder, if it truly is a worthy goal then why does it seem so darn hard at times? Why does it seem so endless? Do we ever really find our freedom? So many questions. We do have the elders to help us to believe that there is an end to our internal fight and that is indeed comforting but still, our internal war is something that each of us must live. It’s something that we must learn to understand for ourselves.

It’s something that must become a very part of our being before we can resolve our internal struggle. Thing is that it really isn’t that bad when we really think about it. Sure, there’s moments when we desire something that we cannot have or rather choose not to have. There’s days when the insidious addict within tries endlessly to attack us. To weaken our resolve.

But in this world that we have now chosen to live, this cannot happen. We just wont let it! We learn with every passing day that there are always good days after the bad ones. We learn with time that the bad days become fewer and farther in between as we progress on our journey. This in itself is something that we must keep close to our hearts for this is tangible proof of what the elders tell us. This is the reality that is our new lives and this one thing that happens to us shows us that it must get easier.

And so we walk onward, gaining strength and confidence with every step. We celebrate the milestones and use those milestones to enhance our beliefs that we are indeed becoming free. We use those milestones to show us what we’ve already achieved. We track our days that we are free of our addictions so that we can continue to build our confidence. So that we can remember what we’ve learned along the way.

It’s not a bad life really. Just a life in which we make changes within ourselves like we never have before. It’s a life of wonder and learning if we really think about it. And what we learn about ourselves right now during this internal battle are things that we can take with us to our futures. These are traits that we might never have experienced had we not chosen to save our own lives!

So really, this whole task of getting ourselves out of a mess we created for ourselves long ago is indeed a positive thing. It’s proof that we make mistakes but it’s also proof that we are willing to fix those mistakes. We’re willing to think of our futures rather then dwell on the past. It’s proof that we care about those we love and want to see them down the road. It’s proof that we care enough about ourselves to see this through no matter what!

So hang in there! Let’s get through these strange days together. Let’s fight our demons with the power of the many rather then fighting them alone. For every time one of us wins we all win. Every time we help another through a rough day, we also help ourselves for in order to help that person we must reach inside of ourselves to find an answer that helps and when we do this we often find an answer that we really need ourselves.

So let’s get out there and fight for our freedom! Let’s show ourselves that even on the worst days of our fight we are still invincible. Let’s stand together arm in arm and prove not only to ourselves but to each other that we are willing to fight for our freedom. That we’re willing to take what our internal addict throws at us and just shrug it off! Let’s prove to ourselves once and for all that freedom is more important to us then any discomfort it might bring for we are warriors in a way. We are a people who fights our addictions with a passion and commitment that cannot be turned away.

We are a people who never give up on ourselves so keep your eye on the prize! It’s just over the horizon and to me freedom is well worth the fight!

Onward to freedom!!