Day 40

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Apr 2, 2011

 Yesterday I blogged on day 40. Actually, today is day 40! Just shows that how many days really isn't as important to me as it used to be. I have to look every day just to see how many days have passed. I love the quit clock. It keeps things in perspective when one needs that kind of perspective.

 Today I can feel myself inching ever closer to the mountain top. It's still a ways off but I can see the banner of freedom waving in the wind there. The climb has been filled with wonder and at times even confusion. Were it not for those who had blazed the trail before me, I might have fallen off the mountain or maybe come close to it. But the wisdom of many here have given me the knowledge to keep protecting my quit at all costs.

 Still, it's nice to look up at that mountain top where the air is clean and crisp. Where there is so much life to look forward to. It really doesn't make me anxious to know that the top is still in the distance for you see, this really is a path that must be trodden carefully. And it's a path that takes time. This is something I understood before I ever took that first faltering step toward that summit.

 It's something that I chose to do anyway. But the main thing is that very soon I'll be holding that banner of freedom up high for all to see who need to see it. The prize that we all strive for no matter how hard that climb may seem, for it's the climb of life. It's the way to freedom.

 Tomorrow I step down to the 7MG patches. This is something to be looked forward to rather then dreaded. This is because it's another step on the path to freedom. It's true that I'm anxious to rid myself completely of the nicotine but as I mentioned, the path to freedom is filled with things of wonder. It's filled with discovery and it's filled with the true wonder of life for even though I'm still climbing, my body is working every day to bring back the harmony of health.

 The body is rebuilding itself every day that I walk this path. So even though I'm not yet free of the nicotine completely, the positive restructuring of the mind, body and soul is beginning. This is because this is how it should be. Regardless of what our minds tell us, the body tells us something entirely different.

 So I guess the moral of my blog today is that if you ever doubt that your doing a wonderful thing for yourself by quitting. If you ever think for even a moment that your going to give in to a craving, this is the time to listen to that healing body rather then the mind. This is the time to feel the wonderous changes that are already taking place within us. And so long as we can feel that positive change within us then eventually the addicted mind will understand this as well and the mountain top will at last be reached!

Onward to the top!