Day 35

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 28, 2011

Wow! Still walking that path to freedom. For the most part, it’s easy but at times there’s those moments when we wish we were something else. Thoughts actually enter the mind trying to convince us that we are smokers even though we know we’re not.

At times that can make us wake up feeling grouchy. Like this new non smoking world that we’ve propelled ourselves into though our actions is listless or colorless. As if the choice we made to quit might not be the right one.

Besides the fact that this can be dangerous thinking, there’s other ways to look at the world as we awaken. There’s better ways to see things. We’re non smokers and we know that. It’s something that is ingrained in our very beings just as smoking is. The thing to remember is that it took time to become an addict and as such, it will take time to free ourselves of our addiction.

The important thing is that we never loose our perspective on what we’re doing. We must never let the addict within us come to the surface and derail our quits. It’s almost like we live a world of split personalities. We fight with ourselves constantly. We see our world differently as we continue to free ourselves from ourselves.

This can create a kind of discomfort that seems to run so deeply within us. In reality it only runs as deep as we let it. It only cuts as deeply as we allow it to. Quitting truly is something that happens in the realm of the mind and as such, most of what we feel comes from that very realm. The good news is that since it really is a battle of the mind, we can change the power of it. We can change the way we react to the addict inside of us.

I always say that I can ignore the urges when they come but there is more to it then that. And it boils down to perception. It boils down to what’s really deep within our hearts. And deep inside of myself I know that there is no option but to remain a non smoker. There is no other choice for me. I perceive myself as such and when that happens, it weakens the addict within us.

So, when I wake and feel that addict screaming at me, I tell him to be quiet for a moment because I’m busy preparing my mind for a new and positive day. I simply have no time to listen to him. Just as when I look outside and see the snow on the ground for another day, I don’t see this as something negative. No, I instead see the beauty of the glistening flakes lying together and creating amazing beauty for the eye to behold.

When I look up into the cloudy sky, I see the sun that is above those clouds rather then just the clouds. I see a world of beauty even on the drabbest of days. I see the light and warmth of spring just around the corner. I see a day that I’m happy to live and again I see myself as a non smoker.

Every day that we live is what we make it. This is why the addict within has such a hard time convincing me that my new life is not a happy one. This is why the addict within is powerless to stop me from achieving my goal. This is why I choose to fight this addiction while feeling at peace with myself.

The addict is there, but he’ll never get me!