Day 26 - Belief

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 19, 2011

Another day is now the past and soon I shall begin a shiny new day walking the path to freedom! To me every day is something that is filled with opportunity and yet at times we waste the new day that was given to us. At times we find that our quits seem to drag along. We lose the enthusiasm that we had on those first hard days. Soon the quit seems almost boring compared to the fight in the beginning.

This is in reality a blessing I think. We’ve already fought our way through the hard part and now we learn to focus more completely on our quits. This is when it truly takes a belief in oneself to win because the path to freedom is a long one filled with lot’s of unexpected twists and turns as we continue onward. It can be hard if we don’t possess the correct mindset to complete the journey. It doesn’t mean we’ll fail but without the proper mindset it can be so much harder. If we don’t believe right from the start that we really are going to quit then our attempt becomes weakened before it ever begins.

My belief is that we fight together for a common goal. That together we achieve so much more then we could have alone. There is no science involved with support. There’s a real reason for that. While science tackles the basic problem on the surface, support is all about the human aspect of what we want to achieve.

It’s about the part of quitting that can’t be found through scientific research because it’s the realm of our own hearts and souls. That invisible part of us that can’t be charted or graphed.

It’s about believing in each other’s ability to tackle a fight that lives in the mind. Another area that can’t really be charted by science. It’s about helping each other to find a way to freedom. This is what makes this web site so important when it comes to finding our freedom. We can look at statistics or charts that show the success rate of this or that method or we can listen to the voices that have been there. We can learn from the experiences of others. Things that again could never be charted.

We can refine our original quit plan by using the knowledge of those who went before us. We can gain a belief in ourselves from those who believe in us. This is what makes a support forum so special. A family. And just as in any family, at times we disagree. At times we get angry at one another for no reason other then a simple difference in thought.

But what’s really amazing is that like a family we lift each other up when one falls. We open our hearts to one another in ways we’d never think of doing with a stranger. Although at times it can feel anonymous, I believe that we are close to one another in ways that again cannot be charted or graphed. And I also believe that even though we’re separated geographically, there is no distance when it comes to the heart and soul.

That’s why when times are rough, all I have to do is think of all of you wonderful people and I gain a strength that can only be achieved in the mind. I feel a comfort that can only come from you. I feel a sense of belonging to something really special and in reality when the cravings used to be bad, I didn’t want to disappoint my friends that I’ve met here. This is because I understand that we’re not just icons on the side of a blog. No, we’re all real living and breathing people.

And so I continue on with my quit secure in the fact that in reality I’m never really alone. Secure in the fact that I’ve found something special.

I believe that today will be a wonderful day. I believe that because of my determination as well as the support of all of you I will never smoke again. I believe in the reality that is my new and wonderful life without cigarettes and I believe that no one can ever take my quit away from me!