Day 17 - Still climbing

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 10, 2011

Well, I’ve reached day 17! Had a few urges yesterday but nothing like the day before. They seem to just kind of hang around in the background, like barely noticed thoughts. Still, I keep climbing the mountain of my freedom.


It’s quite a mountain and the path is twisted and slippery at times. But the first hard steps are now behind me. I can now look down the slopes and see how far I’ve traveled. I can marvel at my progress even though I know I must turn around and begin the climb again.


One thing I’m learning as I scratch my way up the slopes of Mt. Freedom is that though the path may twist and turn. Though it may be an uphill battle, it is a path that’s becoming more clear by the day. I’ve left the tall pines and the steep slopes behind and am now stepping my first steps onto the gentle tundra that lies ahead.


The small flowers of my past achievements are glowing in the golden sunlight before me. And I can see the bright field of flowers ahead as well. The ones I will pass through as my journey continues. These flowers that are the heralds of my freedom.


I reach down and pick up another gem and place it in my pocket along with the others I’ve picked up along the way. I intend to save these to bring back with me when the long climb is over. For these are the gems of knowledge. They are gems that I earned as I learned the ways of my addiction. Each one representing a different facet of myself.


And there, just on the edge of the tundra lies the peak of Mt. Freedom! I can see it so clearly now and make out a path to reach the uppermost peak. To do this I know that I must shed much of what I brought with me. I must shed the fear that life taught me was there when in reality it wasn’t.


I must shed my belief that I am a smoker for you see, Mt. Freedom never allows those with addictions to reach it’s mighty summit. I must shed any doubt of my ability to reach that shining peak for doubt is the key that sends one down the slippery slope rather then allowing them to see the clear and easy path.


Yes, Mt. Freedom is a hard peak to climb but brings so many rewards! The crystal clear air that resides at the top is of a sweetness never tasted before for it is the air of life free of addiction. Free for all to breathe who can take their path to the top. And the view! I can just imagine the view. How free it will look. How different the world below will look! It will be a world full of hope and future potential!


I’ll fix ropes so that others can follow more easily and leave some of my gems of knowledge so that the path might make just a little more sense to those who follow just as those before me have done, for no one wants to stand alone on the summit. No, it’s not that kind of summit. It’s a summit filled with the joy of life and a belief in a future that might not have been were it not for the climb.


It’s a summit that is happily shared with all who have made the climb of their lives! The climb to freedom. The climb that seems impossible at first yet is easily attainable. First with the belief that you can do it and second by using all that you know. Everything you learned and placed in that back pack for the climb.


But for now, I must put one foot in front of the other and keep climbing. It’s the only way to reach the summit of Mt. Freedom. One step at a time.


Onward to freedom!!