Day 16 - Interesting

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 9, 2011

Yesterday I blogged that it was day 13. Actually, it was day 15. But who’s counting. LOL


It was a day of urges yesterday. Seemed to get them on and off for the whole day. Not to worry, I was able to keep them pretty much in the background. Not even once did I consider lighting up a cigarette in response to these urges. In fact at times I found it amusing that the old addiction just keeps trying to get me to do something I already know I’m never going to do again.


It’s when we doubt the fact that cigarettes are no longer in our lives that makes the cravings seem bad I think. The tiniest doubt in the mind can create a whole cascade of emotions within us when it comes to giving up an addiction. But I have no doubt in my mind that my smoking is a thing of the past.


This in itself gives me a kind of strength to use against my addiction. It takes away the power of it simply because in the deepest part of my brain I don’t just think that I’m not going to smoke. Instead I KNOW I’m not going to smoke. That takes away the internal conflict that so many of us feel at times.


It takes away the power of the urges because the action that the urges try to make me take is in my mind an impossibility. It’s an action that no longer exists. Because of this, I respect the urges but I do not fear them. A miniscule amount of discomfort now is well worth it to reach that future that I see for myself. The one without cigarettes.


So really, I think there’s something for all of us here. If we can be 100% sure that we’re never going to smoke again. If we can see ourselves in the future without cigarettes then our journey can be so much easier. Our quest for freedom can be a thing that flows rather then feeling like a ball and chain is attached to our ankles.


Sure, it takes work to quit. It takes a belief that you can but more then anything it takes casting away that single doubt. That feeling within you that you want a cigarette. This is what has to become a thing of the past if we’re ever going to find our paths to freedom.


Now, on to day 16!!