Turning the page

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 7, 2011

Often when we quit, we get kind of stuck in the flow of things. We don't see the reality of what we're trying to achieve. Sure, we know the reality because we feel it. We know the reality because we live it. But sometimes, the whole idea of quitting can seem to loose it's lustor.

 We find ourselves questioning if it's all worth it. We see others who still smoke and they seem happy enough. We see all kinds of things that remind us that we're moving into a new life. A new world that's quite different from what we're used to. Our path can seem dull and useless.

 This is when it's time to turn the page in our lives. This is the time to look at what been missing. Sure, the days can seem long and hard at times. Sure, there are days when we don't even want to get out of bed just to fight our addiction again.

 But there is so much that we don't seem to think about until we turn that page. Until we stop for a moment and take stock of what we're doing. Every day that we defeat our addiction is a day to be celebrated. Every day that we get out of bed to walk the journey should be a day to look forward to for we must walk this journey before we can reach the end of it and each day takes us closer to the finish line.

 Each day bolsters our belief in ourselves and what we can accomplish if we really try. Each day shows us the resolve that we've created to win this internal battle within ourselves. Each day shows us that yes, we can win!

 So when your really feeling like it's not worth it, turn the page. Look at the colors that your creating inside yourself. See the beauty that is you for really, who else are we doing this for. The more you prove your ability to complete this long task, the more you can believe in yourself.

 And when you believe in yourself it just adds color to what could be a drab page in life. So rejoice in your committment. Rejoice in the fact that what your doing right now is going to effect the rest of your life. Get out there and prove to all who would question that yes, I can take back my life.

 Our quest in beating this addiction is based on freedom. We want so badly to know what freedom feels like. We want to know that we can walk the Earth without fear of ourselves. These are things that we can take with us and use to our advantage when life throws something hard in our way.

So go for it! Turn that page and feel the colors of life. And when we look back on these days that seemed so dark. When we look back on the achievement we have made for ourselves, this will be the day we can smile for yes this is the day that we are free!