Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 7, 2011

So often in life, we look to our past and wonder how we could’ve done things differently. We wonder how things would be now if we’d just done this or that before. It’s always good practice to visit the past from time to time. There are so many lessons there to be learned. So much wisdom that comes from our own experience.

The past is the place where we can learn from our mistakes and use that knowledge to improve our future. The past is also a place where we can dwell to much. A place where we can be proud of our achievements as well as wishing we hadn’t done some particular thing.

But really, all we can do is wish. There’s nothing in the past that can be changed. Once the day is lived, it becomes static. A building block to the now.

But right here, right now we have a unique opportunity. Although we can’t change the past, we can change our futures! What we do today, at this moment is the building blocks for our future. The day that we decided to quit smoking, we paved the way for a future that will be quite different from our past.

We created a foundation that pertains not only to right now, but to our future days. We chose to deal with a little unpleasantness now in order to create a pleasant future. It’s funny, but as soon as we decide to quit. As soon as we realize that we really do care about our futures, it sets something in motion that we build on every day.

And as each of our decisions become the past, this teaches us how to deal with the present. And our present determines our future. So every time you get one of those urges in the present, instead of thinking about the unpleasantness of now, think of the freedom of the future.

Every time you decide you might just go to the store and pick up that pack of cigarettes and make yourself feel better now, think of what your doing to your future! Do you really want the addiction to be there, waiting for you to arrive in your smoke filled future or do you want to walk into that future free of the shackles of addiction?

Do you want to walk into a future where you must relive your quit or do you want to deal with it right now and look forward to those wonderful days ahead?

I guess the bottom line is, "How do you see yourself in the future?" And if you see yourself free of the shackles of addiction then the next question might be, "Should I deal with the unpleasantness now or wait till tomorrow?"

I guess it all depends on how you really want to see your future!

Have a wonderful smoke free day!