Day 12

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 5, 2011

Well another day is now in the past and a bright shiny one beginning. Had a few urges last night and noticed something interesting. Right before the true urge hits, I feel a kind of flash run through my brain as if my mind is sending the instructions to my body to reach for a cigarette. And then the physical urge comes.

 I'm wondering if perhaps I've seperated the urge from the trigger. It really feels like this when I think about it. But whatever this hard to describe flash is, it happens right before the actual urge. This is something I can use. It's like a warning that I'm about to have an urge. By seeing it a moment before the actual urge hits, I can prepare for the inevetable urge that follows.

  I can strengthen myself before the actual physical feelings kick in. One thing I've been doing is using a straw. It gives my hands and mouth something to do. Kind of like a pacifier I guess. But I'm trying to train my mind to reach for a straw rather then a cigarette and this seems to be working for me.

 When I get an urge and grab one of these straws, the urge actually eases if not completely goes away. I think changing our reaction to an urge is a big step in quitting. If the first thought that pops into our minds when we get an urge isn't for a cigarette, then this can go along way to staying smoke free!

 I'll still have to get over my addiction of straws down the road however. LOL

Now on to day 12!