Day 11 - The discoveries never end

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 4, 2011

Wow! The days keep wracking up for my new smoke free life. I know there’s a lot of us here who are discovering this very same thing. Our endless fight with our addiction becomes a little easier with each passing day.

I’ve noticed that my urges are becoming something a little different. More of a thought then an urge. In other words, the real physical part really is fading away and is being replaced by seemingly innocent thoughts about cigarettes.

This is what we'll have to keep our eyes open for as the days and years go by. That part of our minds that still remembers our addictions. The part that still sees our smoking as a normal part of our daily lives. This is the thing that can sneak up on us down the road and in some cases cause us to slip or even relapse.

I think we’ll always have to work on our quits though it’ll be much easier with each passing day. But the mind has a way of catching one at weak moments in our lives. This is why I relapsed years ago, I think.

But since then I’ve learned. I’ve taken the negative of my long past relapse and turned it into a positive. I’ve figured out what must always be watched for. That thing that starts out as a little thought. You know, the thought that can slowly become a nagging itch if you let it come to the forefront of the mind. The thought that soon becomes the gateway to a new addiction if we let it.

Mother goose pointed that out in a reply to me yesterday. This is why it’s in the forefront of my mind today. This is why I’ve looked inside myself to find the answers to the wisdom of those more experienced in the quit then I.

It’s never to late to learn. It’s never to late to build on what we already know. This is a big part of the beauty of this place. While I walk the path of freedom with many others who are on the same day as me, I still get the advice of those who know what lies ahead.

But I also know that so long as I stay true to myself and always look inside of myself, I will find the answers to the questions and warnings that so many of the experienced ones teach us. It’s time well spent in my opinion!

I think we should keep what we learn on our journey close to our hearts for these little pearls of wisdom that we realize along the way could be what saves us down the road.

And now on to day 11!