Day seven

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Feb 28, 2011

 Wow! A week now for sure. What a wonderful thing to wake up to! Yesterday the cravings were all but nonexistent. Even during the stress of moving the giant trailor with the little jeep, I never really felt a craving at all. I know that there may be some down the road if I let mey guard down but I do not fear them. Just as I never feared the quitting process itself.

 Quitting really is a process I think. One that can be studied and read about, even before you have to go through it yourself. But there's nothing like living it to know it. With each step we take, so long as we learn, the battle becomes easier. Our minds begin to understand that this is the new future. And with that acceptence comes an easier ride.

 The sooner we can convince ourselves that this is the way it's going to be, the sooner we can move on to step two which is learning our new shiny lives without cigarettes. This is something that is important to remember. Sure, it's a journey and we have to be on guard all the time at first but with time it becomes a "habit" not to smoke. We quit reaching for the pack that isn't there.

 And once we know that this is our future, then our minds begin looking to that future rather then dwelling on a loss that really isn't a loss at all. Our internal battle is won the day we know that cigarettes are no longer a part of us for how can the cravings be difficult if we know in our hearts that we don't want to smoke. They simply become something to laugh at.

 The day that we stop taking our cravings so serious is the day that we can move on. The little discomfort is well worth the benefits. Life is a great choice to make over smoking.

 And with each passing day, with each new day of discovery I'll know that the internal battle is won. The war within myself is a thing of the past and those cravings that thought they were going to get me will be all but a memory. Just as I always knew they would be!

Now, on to week two . . .