Day six or day zeven?

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Feb 27, 2011

 Well, I'm really not sure which day this is in the journey. You see, when I was prepping someone (I wish I could remember who) suggested that I quit the night before so I have a good eight hours already under my belt for quit day. (Thanks whoever you are!) This seemed like a good idea to me so the original time that I quit was at eight fifteen on the 20th of this month.

 I guess the time I quit doesn't really matter so long as I did and I stay quit! Today I'm going to be moving a giant travel trailer with my little jeep. Done it before but it's aleays a stressful time when I do it and I always had them cigarettes to help me deal with the stress. Am I worried about my quit? Not in the least!

 Every time I do something that may have been a smoking activity before, I look at it as opportunity to strengthen my quit rather then some thing I fear. You see, I made peace with myself during my prep time and lost all of my fear of quitting. To me this is one of the most important steps that one can take when they quit. The determination must be there but if we fear our quit then that just adds undue stress to a situation that is already stressful.

 I guess what I'm trying to say is that quitting doesn't have to be hard! Don't get me wrong, I find the cravings to be an uncomfortable experience just like everybody else. But there's something deep inside of me that tells me that these cravings do pass. This is my mantra so to speak every time I get one of these things. They really serve no useful purpose so why dwell on them.

 If you don't ignore them then you can actually feel them pass. Soon it becomes a habit to just let them go and move on. And most of us here are probably pretty good at habits. It's the ones that we develop after we quit that are the important ones.These are the ones that reinforce our quit I think. But if we dwell to much on the discomforts of our quit rather then see it for what it really is, a physical reaction to the brains belief that it needs nicotine, then things can get out of control in a more negative direction.

 And when we quit what we really need is the positive side of it rather then the negative. So today I will embrace each moment that I feel the brain reacting to the lack of nicotine and learn from it. Build on it and with each time that I build my new positive habits, I believe that everything will just get easier. It'll just fall into place like that puzzle I dreamed of last night and once we are at peace with our decisions, there's nowhere to go but UP!

Have a wonderful smoke free day!