Day 3 - One step at a time

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Feb 23, 2011

Yesterday was an interesting day. In fact, every day is as I take each faltering step toward my goal. It’s much like climbing a mountain. From the bottom the summit looks so very far away, and it seems like it will be an almost impossible task to get there. And there is fear when you first think of climbing that mountain. Fear of the unknown. Fear that you might not make the top.


And then the first faltering step is taken. The feet are planted and again, we look at the summit. It doesn’t seem much closer and yet, we know it is for we have begun the journey. Then we take the next faltering steps into the unknown, never believing that we won’t reach that summit. Never doubting in ourselves.


With each step that we take, we become more confident and believe in ourselves even more. Our steps become swifter and yes, that summit is even closer now. Soon we will reach the top of this long, hard mountain. It just takes patience and a will to scramble through the boulder fields of life. A will to climb over the very obstacles that life throws at us and a will to be free.


The desire to reach that summit must always be present in order to reach it and as we pass over each obstacle. As we scramble through each boulder field and reach the other side, our strength grows as does our belief in ourselves that we will indeed reach that summit.


I will always keep my eye on that summit. I will always see the completion of my goal and I will do this with no fear for my journey has begun. Day three is here! I’ve learned how to climb during the past two days. I’ve learned that the determination is there, the will to achieve the goal of improving my life and every day that I put behind me on this journey is a day that will get me closer to my personal summit.


Right now, I’m learning how to climb. Soon I’ll know how to face all of life’s challenges without ever thinking about a cigarette. It just takes time and a will to succeed. And when I at last reach the freedom of my goal then the way I got there; those hard days that taught me will be ingrained in my very soul. This is why I’ll always keep an eye on that summit. Because I know in my heart that when I reach that summit and look back on the path I took that it will all be but a memory.


And so one day at a time, one foot in front of the other, one obstacle at a time I continue on . . .