Four days to quit date

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Feb 17, 2011

 The day draws nearer and the funny thing is that the wait is something that is working for me. I rarely feel an urge to smoke anymore but when I do, I wait for the urge to pass before I do have that cigarette. Some may wonder why I continue smoking at all if this is the case.

 I think I've prepared my mind for this particular date and as such I have accepted that this is the day that I quit smoking forever. It's instilled in my very soul. And soon I will prove to myself that actions do speak louder then words. I no longer have a mental picture of myself as a smoker. Instead, I see myself as one who is climbing that mountain, eager to see the top of it.

 The fear of quitting is fading away like a dream that I've awaikened from. In four days I will wake to a new me. One that knows that life can be different. One who cares more and more about my future with each passing day for you see, quitting is a temporary situation. One that takes time, but a situation that does end. I just have to get over that hump. And then it's all a matter of living the life I really want to live. The one that I see in my mind's eye. The one that doesn't have a cigarette in it.