Determination? You bet!

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Jan 10, 2011

 I am one of those people in the preperation stages of quitting. I have to tell you, I'm taking this stage in my quit very serious. For me it's like building a strong foundation. If you can manage to build it properly then you can build the perfect house on top of it instead of a house of cards that could easily collapse.

 This morning I realized that for the last two days I had smoked 12 cigarettes instead of the usual thirty-five or so that I smoked just five days ago and I actually beat myself up over this because I hadn't improved in the last two days.

 And then I had to ask myself a question. Am I determined to build that foundation? Of course I am. Am I going to make sure the cement in that foundation is strong enough to hold up the house of my life? Of my future? Well, I realized that I wouldn't have even started this preperation if I didn't intend to have the strongest house that I could possibly build. A house that doesn't crack or sink after I finally reach my goal of quitting.

 And I realized that for me, the foundation may be as important if not more so then building the actual house on top of it. I realized that over the last five days I have improved beyond my wildest dreams. I haven't reached my quit date yet but every day seems to bring me closer to the completion of my foundation. The thing that will hold me up when I do quit.

 And so I continue on not just with the same determination. No way! Every day that I build on that determination is a day of life. Really, I've already cut my smoking down by two thirds! And I can feel the effects of the determination that it took me to get to this point.

 So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you are prepping to quit, take it one day at a time. Build on all you did the day before. Try to improve on what you've already done but if for some reason you can't then just try to stay where you are at the very least. Don't go backwards and I believe in the end that we will win!

  Because though I didn't improve over the last two days, I'm now comfortable in the fact that right now I'm no longer a 35 cigarette a day smoker. No, now I'm a half a pack a day smoker and soon I won't be smoking at all and in the end I think that if you prepare hard enough. If you take it serious enough then the determination grows with that foundation and that could be the deciding factor on whether you can stay quit! 

Every day I tell myself that I can do this and every day I believe it more and more. I'm no longer terrified of my quit day looming on the horizon. Instead I'm actually starting to look forward to it!