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Prayers for our Ellen!!

Posted by Christine13 Apr 23, 2020

Many prayers being said for Ellen.  She seems to be exhausted each day, and I'm hoping with prayers she will get better.  This is such a tough time, especially for those with COPD.  Please say prayers for her, or send positive thoughts to her!!  Ellen please we need an update posted here.


New Hope

Posted by Christine13 Apr 14, 2020

Hi, the last week or so I've been feeling really depressed and down on myself.  Then yesterday I talked to our Marilyn on the phone.  She perked me up and I woke up to a better day, beginning with getting on and keeping on.

All I can say, is when you are down on yourself it doesn't help to beat yourself up further.  I continue to do the best I can do, each day.  I don't know where this is going, but I thank god for true friends, and the ability to get up and function each day.  Spring is a tough time for me, the changing of seasons, and Brian isn't here.  I do look forward to warmer days and sitting out on the deck and doing some social distancing visiting.  I know smoking isn't and hasn't helped me any.

i keep foraging ahead.  Trying when there is almost no will left.  I won't give up hope tho, it's all up to me!! 

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