Oh Lord, don't let the rain come down -

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Sep 20, 2019

I've got a hole in my roof and I might drown.  LOL, don't know who sang that.  Anyway I do have a hole in my roof!

The roofer has been out to fix it twice and it stormed again, and is leaking again.  I am going to have to call him again.  Ugh, I thought it was fixed so I asked my contractor to come out on Monday to asses damages to the drywall ceiling inside.  Sometimes when it rains it pours quite literally.  This is just another challenge as a home owner, I just hope something can be done to make sure it doesn't leak again!  The inside may have asbestos insulation too, so that will also have to be taken out.  It's not worth smoking over - it's not worth getting stressed out about.  At least it didn't happen during the winter when I was away.  I'm feeling pressure about cost tho.  Thanks for letting me vent.

I'm not smoking over this, because then I would be smoking and still have to deal with the problem.