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Internet Issues

Posted by Christine13 Jun 28, 2019

Having internet issues with my provider, but thank goodness I was able to get on here tonight.  I was having a good old fashioned temper tantrum, about not being able to get on here all day.  Even if internet goes out again, I am a 1955 babe, and can pull up and tune out if I need, to and go back to the good old radio!!

My home phone also wasn't working the last couple of days either!  1st world problems, I have enough to eat and I'm grateful, for the day.  Even a bird pooped on me today, I laughed it off and washed it off, some people say that's good luck!!


The Bride and Groom

Posted by Christine13 Jun 25, 2019

Well today the Bride and Groom, my parents anniversary is official June 25th, 1949 they were married.

My speech went really well, but I got choked up a little at the end.  Tonight as one last time to celebrate they are taking us out to The Keg my favourite steak house to celebrate.  I will try very hard to post a pic of them from an e-mail I have.


I couldn't do it.  Darn.  I learned how to post pictures from the files on my computer tho.


First I did my speech and then they renewed their vows, and then they danced to Moon River.


It was beautiful and touching.


Big Party Tonight.

Posted by Christine13 Jun 22, 2019

Hi Just checking in to tell you I am going to a big party and bbq for my parents tonight for their 70th wedding anniversary!  I have a ton of things to bring and I've written a speech too, which I'm a bit nervous about doing.  Yeah I woke up jittery today, go figure.  I will have to find my way to the hall, I hope I don't get lost.  Don't worry about me drinking because there won't be any booze there, just soft drinks, water, punch, and de-alcohized beer.


Odd how even fun things can make you want to smoke, and being jittery too and stressed.  My parents will be renewing their vows today too.  That part is a surprise and I hope they want to do that.


I've got most of the stuff packed in the car now.  I'm excited.  Not everyday you get to celebrate 70 years of love!!


It's a cloudy day, and I'm hoping it doesn't rain.


Best of all, nobody smokes, and I won't be either!



Posted by Christine13 Jun 9, 2019

I so want to smoke this morning - it's my junkie thinking.  I keep telling myself I don't need a cigarette!  


Posted by Christine13 Jun 3, 2019

Today was a good day!!  Yesterday I was shovelling beautiful composted earth and planting a lot of zinnia's in Dad's garden.  It was really great to do something with my dear Dad.  We both took rests in between, did I mention he is 90 years old?  He did really well, and I realized how very out of shape I am.  (due to smoking)   This morning I woke up, and my first thought was blah, I am alone!!  Then my older sis called me, and asked if she could come for a 2 hour visit.  She is very against smokers and doesn't have much empathy for anyone beginning to quit.  She has never smoked, but she understands food cravings.  We caught up about Dad and Mom, and she cheered me up by coming over.  ( we are really close)

We talked about the fact that we always smoked in the house when the kids were growing up.  (They never did because they weren't smokers)  I said I feel so bad for exposing my kids to all of that back then.  My sister is often critical but she said, you just have to forget those days and move on with your life.  I don't think I could ever forgive myself if our kids came down with a smoking related disease from second hand smoke.  Anyway, my sister is great, and I love her.  Wouldn't it be so wonderful, if I could surprise her in a year from now and still be quit???

She has offered me love and acceptance, and for her that's huge.  So yeah, yesterday and today were good days!!


Ok, guess I'm motormouthing again.............I don't often do that, lol, except when I'm under stress.  I am quit, and going to keep it.  How about you?

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