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A heartfelt prayer

Posted by Christine13 Feb 22, 2019

Dear God, please I pray for everyone here and in my life who are suffering with physical illness and also those that have depression and anxiety.  Please help everyone to stay strong, but cry if needed, and to give up all your trials and worries to God.  Someone in my life recently reminded me of this, and it has helped me, to lift up in spirit and be very grateful for everything and everyone in my life.  I can't say what tomorrow will bring, but I am so grateful to be here and alive and kicking in my own home.  In Jesus name I ask for help for everyone who is suffering in some way and struggling to keep it smoke free.  Amen.



Doing much better.

Posted by Christine13 Feb 20, 2019

Aside from breaking a small bone in my left  foot, my mood is better.  I have a walking boot now, follow up in 2 weeks.

It will heal better without smoking.  I'm lucky I didn't break my ankle. I should still be able to get out and get more patches tomorrow.  I guess this really is a roller coaster ride.  Last Friday my moods could barely see daylight,

and today I am feeling better emotionally speaking.  It helped that I got fast tracked at the clinic today, normally it would be a seven hour wait!!  Someone smiled on me today!! xoxo


I just don't know.

Posted by Christine13 Feb 16, 2019

I am struggling along here.  I woke up this morning I was so extremely depressed.  I did get a call from my Dad and they want me to go out to dinner.  I am so grateful to have them in my life still.  I will try to get myself over this.  I will call my councillor next week for help.  


I'm home!

Posted by Christine13 Feb 5, 2019

Dad's home, he was discharged last night!  I'm home too Horray!!!  Now I am craving that stupid reward cigarette.

I wish quitting were easy but it's not an easy road.  Thank you all for the prayers, you were all wonderful.


Update on my dad

Posted by Christine13 Feb 3, 2019

Dad is starting to do a lot better!

they are working on his mobility.  Yesterday he walked down the hall and carried his walker.  Mom is hanging in there too and I am staying with her. The quit is intact.  I was home overnight last night and it was wonderful.  Got brave and brought the car over here this morning. My nephew was driving us to the hospital because roads were icy.  I am thanking. All you at ex for the wonderful prayers they are working.  Will be back when I can.  Xo chris

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