Was a good day!!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Jan 18, 2019

Got out this morning in -37 degree weather, to do my groceries, and I had company this afternoon too, an old friend came over for coffee.  He turns 65 tomorrow.  He thinks 70 is old, not so, but his Mom died when  she was 69, and his dad of a heart attack when he was 44 years old.  Anyway, getting to the good stuff, my Dad finally felt better today, and I am so relieved.  It's all up to God at this point.  He's 90, Mom 89.  I offered to pack a bag and go stay with them last night.  Just running scared here. So many people with health issues and I care about them all so much!!!  Nothing I can do but pray to God. I am not smoking over it.  It's taken me all week to be ok.  I'm finally ok.