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Trip Day!

Posted by Christine13 Dec 27, 2018

I will be leaving for the airport in 3 hours and 45 minutes.  We had 5 - 10 cm of snow today.  Hope the trip goes well.

Will try to check in while I'm gone.  San Jose - here I come!  

Getting super worried about Ellen, any updates?  My continued prayers for her.


Taking some "me" time.

Posted by Christine13 Dec 22, 2018

Taking some me time today.  Totally relaxing before Christmas and my trip.  I am excited that I will be flying far away from Winnipeg this Thursday.  I'm going to enjoy reading, and word search and journalling on my long trip.

I have calmed right down, I'm excited to be going tho.  Today is day one of my quit.  I will not be smoking before or after I get back.  I can do this!!  Yesterday was a sad day, miss Brian, but I'm ok.  I am strong, and can finally break this smoking addiction too.

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