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Feeling Positive!

Posted by Christine13 Oct 15, 2018

Feeling Positive and Happy today.  No more excuses to smoke.  That's what they were.  As long as I kept making up excuses to quit, I didn't.  My biggest one was the death of Brian.  The next one is mental illness.  I'm not leaving any loopholes this time.  I plan on keeping my quit.  I will not let anxiety, or fear cause me to smoke.  Sunny day today, and 4 degrees celcius, I see a walk in for me this afternoon.  Headed to the dentist soon.

Is this post stupid?  I don't know, but having some difficult plumbing issues at home.  I have Rotor router here, and he is having big difficulties with getting an old drain in the kitchen clear.  If he can't get it, it will cost huge bucks to fix, and everything would have to be ripped out and all the plumbing would have to be redone!!  A householder's nightmare.  Do I want to smoke?  Hell ya.  Will I  This is a fricken nightmare!!!  Praying he gets it fixed.  



Posted by Christine13 Oct 6, 2018

Woke up early, memories of Brian bombarding me.  I want to smoke!  I want to dull this pain!!  I want to go and get cigs and numb up and turn into a ZOMBIE!! for Help!!!  I WILL get through this.  It's the weekend, it's Saturday.  I'm working on day 6 today.  Please help.

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