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So excited, my step grandson and his lady are at the hospital last night and today, having baby number 1.

Soooo.............My daughter will be a gramma at age 42, and I will be a great grandma at 63!!!  Never thought I'd live to see this day!!!  Baby is breach tho, and contractions are 5 minutes apart.  Don't know if they had to induce or not.

I am praying for a safe delivery for Mom and baby boy!!!

Just writing tonight, just wanted to say my husband Brian always drove me anywhere I wanted to go, I was secure and dependant other than my independence here with the kids and raising them, but driving was always a barrier for me.

Now I am no longer in his protection, he passed Jan. 1st.  First Easter without him, and I am getting there day by day.

Part of me is still in shock..........he died.  I live on and today for the first time ever I used the GPS and drove to my sister Bonnie's for brunch.  It took courage and me telling myself I could do it!  I wanted to make an excuse but didn't-knew I had to face the unknown to build confidence for another day.  I am darn proud of myself, and I did it smokefree!!

God was protecting me today..........Easter Sunday, he has risen.  I look forward to tomorrow, another day won!  The feelings of cravings come in waves, just like the grief.  I am learning to do without Brian, and the smokes.  May you all be blessed on this day.............may you all overcome, just like I am learning to do one day at a time. xoxo Chrissie 

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