Fighting for Brian

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Aug 5, 2017

Just wanted to tell you all I am fighting the government here in Canada to cover Brian's med costs for his chelation therapy.  Cost is 1,512.00 a month.  I have spent two days calling and writing letters to various members of Parliament.

If they don't cover the cost his life won't be as long.  I have called the media yesterday and am waiting for a call from a reporter.  The cost was always covered before after we paid the first 3,000.00 at the beginning of April.  It is our new premier who wants to make budget cuts.  I have everyone rallying behind us, and it will be a tough fight on our hands.

We only have until August 18th.  Even the Pharmacy said they would give a free week's of treatment until this is all settled.  Do I think of smoking?  You betcha!!!  I am tired and stressed.  But I'm tired of giving myself loopholes in my quit.  You know the junkie that talks to you and says you need one now, look at what you are going through!

It is not worth going back to day 1 again.  I will fight hard for Brian and for my quit.

Please pray that this gets overturned for us.  Without the chelation therapy his life span will be shortened within a year or so.