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Another quit

Posted by Christine13 May 28, 2017

Hi I've been unable to blog except from my phone and it doesn't always work.  Just letting you all know I reset my quit date may 26th two days ago. Unlike Sharon I know where I went wrong.  I was stressed and I chose to smoke over it.  I had a car accident a little ways back and I did not smoke in spite of being shook up.  The daily stress for me is brians health but aside from him slowly dying what does me smoking or not smoking have to do with that?  What are my choices?  Smoke until he passes or do it now while I can and spend every minute I can sharing our time together?  There is only one choice for me I have to start taking care of myself too, and caring about what will be the outcome if I continue to smoke.  I am working on day 3 today.  I'm glad for shawns blog the other day.  Everyone here has helped me so much.  I welcome any kind of input here.  I am waiting for a good tongue lashing.  I am on the right path again and I won't give up!  I have lots of support to make this a reality.  Cigarettes just can't be my go to anymore.  It won't change anything here the sooner I realize that the better off I'll be.  Glad I fessed up and am back on track.  I've tried to change my quit date but it doesn't show yet.

sorry I let myself and everyone else down 

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