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Staying in today

Posted by Christine13 Apr 14, 2017

And so it goes staying focused on one day  at a time here.  It's been a long time since I've blogged because I have to do it from my cell phone. Brian had another trip to the er on March 16th he was in with dehydration low blood and pneumonia.  Thankfully I think he is doing better.  Enjoying my quit freedom even tho every day is a challenge and I never know from one day to the next what's going to happen.  I just must continue staying in the present.  I am feeling calm today and actually have a chance to relax today!!  What I was depressed about is he voluntarily gave up his drivers license.  It's another step in this journey for him and me.  I am grieving for the days when he was healthy and he was my rock.  Now I am his rock he depends on me for everything now.  It's sad what toll illness can take.  He quit smoking 15 years ago but not before the ravages of copd made themselves known.  I've gotta stay strong and capable here I can't afford to slip into a depression again.  So I'm always looking and cherishing some of the good days we still have.  I had a scare too I coughed up blood twice so I know I must keep my quit.

i told my dr. The first time she brushed it off.  Will tell her again on next visit.  Chest X-ray was ok.  Well I will continue to look for gods blessings and keep my face looking upwards.  Love you my ex friends. I'll keep on trucking with your help.

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