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I am a Mom of two daughters and grandmother of four.  My family means everything to me.  I have smoked way to long, I started when I was 14 years old and am now 61.  About 46 years.  I never learned how to handle my stress or emotions without a ciguarette.  There are so many other things to do instead of smoking away my life.  Time to get real about this - smoking kills.

I am forever grateful for all the wonderful people here on EX helping me start my quit.  My life is very stressful because of a very ill husband.  It's no excuse not to maintain my quit.  I am beginning to grieve for his good health, and feel helpless and powerless to heal him.  I am in the anger stage of grieving.  He has all of my heart and I have been with him since I was 17 years old.  42 years of marriage, 44 years together.  I am trying to hold myself and him together.  He quit smoking 14 years ago, I continued to smoke outside.  How selfish of me!!!  I am so dumb because I have been in denial about smoking for so long!!  In spite of the fact that he has COPD, and I have been with him to so many visits to the lung specialist.   NO MORE..........I'm going for a forever quit, if he can make it happen for so long so can I!!!  I am done with all the indecision of smoke or quit?  I AM QUIT - AND KEEPING IT!!!


1. My HUSBAND, my KIDS, GRANDKIDS and FAMILY ARE MORE important than having a ciguarette!
2. My LIFE is more important than having a ciguarette!
3. I want to LIVE LONGER..
4. I want to IMPROVE my HEALTH.
5. I want a WHITE smile.
6. I want to be a ROLE MODEL.
8. I want to SMELL GOOD..
9. I want to SAVE MONEY..
10.I want my FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! 

I won't ever give up.  Quit and Win or quit and Loose, that is the question.


1.  I don't want to stink from cigarettes.

2.  I don't want to go outside to smoke in the miserable weather.

3.  I don't want stains on my teeth and fingers.

4.  I don't want COPD, Cancer, or any other health related disease from smoking.

5. I don't want to be spending all my money on cigarettes!



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manitoba, canada


family and friends, crochet, walking, reading, swimming, fishing, yoga and meditation, puzzles, and talking on the phone.


i won't smoke anymore!


Scared Again

Posted by Christine13 Jan 18, 2017

Hiii..........I'm scared again over hubby's health.  Tomorrow is transfusion day again for him.  He is having a great amount of difficulty.  I hope we don't end up in the ER again tonight.  This morning he yelled for me when he was up in bed and I ran upstairs just shaking and scared.  I got up there and he just wanted an advil and an extra blanket because he was shivering.  It just hurts my soul so much to see him so sick.  Feeling overwhelmed, but I will light a candle for him and pray and call an ambulance today if necessary.  I will be giving it up to God to guide me to do the right thing here.

I won't be smoking, because that wouldn't solve anything at all.  It wouldn't make him feel better, and would only make me feel way worse.  I've gotta stay strong here!


Excited Today!

Posted by Christine13 Jan 12, 2017

Up 4:30 a.m. Excited today because I start my Yoga classes again today!  Also my quit smoking group meets tonight.

It will keep me accountable, and really help me with my quit I think.  So.......for me I look at this in two ways, great exercise, stress reliever and respite from hubby!  I always feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards.

Have a great smoke free day everyone, I will too! :)


Ok, Doing This!

Posted by Christine13 Jan 10, 2017

One day of Freedom.  I will continue to build each day.  Made it thru a bad crave this morning.  Went outside and shovelled instead.  Looks like a calm day ahead of me today.  I will try and go for a couple of 1/2 hours of walks today.  Taking in one day at a time, today I'm focusing on today, won't think about tomorrow yet.

It's great not to stink like an ashtray!  Looking forward to more and more benefits along the way.

I will enjoy the day!  I'm so grateful for all of you!!



Trying Again.

Posted by Christine13 Jan 9, 2017

Hi - I've been not blogging much lately, because I have not kept my quit.  I am on day 1 today.  I have been tracking my cigarettes the last couple of days, and I'm ready to do this!  I start a quit smoking group here on Thursday as well as my Yoga classes again.  I am gradually learning what to do with my stress here.  It's a really good day to begin again as Brian is doing well this week.  I have felt like such a failure over this, but am taking positive steps now to begin fresh and keep quit.  I will also be here every day to blog and reach out for help.  I will be walking more and staying distracted to get through this.  I have a quit kit and will use it.  My mental health is good now and will follow up with an appointment with my therapist soon.  I am looking forward to doing this one day at a time.  Thanks to all the wonderful people here, I feel I have a great chance at succeeding with this as long as I don't get down on myself.  I have read here that quitting smoking can actually help you to feel better mentally speaking.  Thanks for listening, I will be listening for your advice and following your blogs daily!

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