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holidays for us!

Posted by Christine13 Dec 27, 2016

Hi - I am so very happy to say we are on holidays from all appointments this week!  What a huge stress reliever it is!

We also had a very good Christmas, with Brian feeling good too, and we were able to spend time with our family.  It's so good to be alive!  I am looking forward to a New Year, with all my wonderful friends here at EX!  I will be Extra careful to guard my quit, and do everything possible to stay quit!  

Wishes for good health and happiness and prosperity for all my friends here in 2017!!

I had a day today that was very low.  I am starting to feel better now - perking up a bit here.  I won't be smoking over it.  I'm going to stay quit.  Want to spend the holidays without running outside to smoke.

As Terrie would say, I won't quit on my quit!



Good Morning Everyone!

Posted by Christine13 Dec 19, 2016

Up at 3:00 a.m. this morning.  Gotta take Brian to the hospital to get his pump put in for the week.  Praying hard for a transfusion this week so he can enjoy Christmas.  He will be reacessed this morning, not sure what it's going to mean, but I am hoping for good news!  We had a really great weekend!  We even got to go out for dinner Friday night!

Smoking does not enter my mind this morning.  Hopefully I can take a nap this afternoon or later this morning.

Wrapping here is just about done, we are going to his brother's for dinner Christmas Eve, so yayyy, I don't have to have a big dinner this year.  Looking forward to the holidays and having some fun with family!

Hope everyone has a wonderful smoke free day!! 


Back to the Drawing Board

Posted by Christine13 Dec 12, 2016

I have lost my quit again. :(  It was my own fault.  I put the cigarette in my mouth and lit it.  Was doing ok until I took hubby to the ER during a blizzard on Tuesday.  Didn't smoke while he was there but did when I got home.  I was just feeling completely overwhelmed.  They kept him over night, and did the transfusions, thank goodness!  I must get real about this, it does not relieve my stress!!  I will begin again.  I will set a new quit date, and make it work, or by god, it will eat me up!

I would love to have a smoke free Christmas.  It's the gift I need at this point.  Smoking didn't change anything, it didn't make him better, it's the same situation day in day out here, for him and for me, I've gotta cope better!!


Snowed In

Posted by Christine13 Dec 6, 2016

We are snowed in here in Winnipeg.  About 25 centimetres.  Brian was supposed to have his transfusion tomorrow, but we won't be able to make it.  His blood is low and he is struggling, he will have to wait until next Monday now, unless he gets really, really bad and then I'll have to call an ambulance for him.  I'm scared of his blood even dropping further.  Scary for sure.  I will be doing all the fetch and carry for him, as he can hardly walk around the house.  Smoking is not the answer.

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