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3 Precious Days!

Posted by Christine13 Sep 26, 2016

3 precious days of freedom.  Today I begin day 4.  I know it's not much but for me it means everything.  I have tried and tried in the past.  Always failed.  Had lots of excuses for not making it.  This time is different.  I drive to a smoking cessation group tonight in rush hour traffic to be with people here who are making the same journey with me, as well as everyone here at EX.  I think I have finally seen through all the denial that goes with smoking.  You know, not facing up to what happens to your body or could happen when you smoke.  From what I've gathered, smoking kills you slowly or quickly.  It could be a heart attack o stroke, or cancer, or COPD.  I've already had breast cancer.  I sure don't want to go down that road again.

Anyway, I am writing this for myself, just spuing thoughts to keep me on track today.  I must continue to go forward, no matter what happens in my life.  This is a whole new beginning for me.  September has always been an important month in my life.  That's always when I started on a new journey whether it was school, or work.  This is a new journey!  I so badly want to remain an EX.  Anyway, thank you for letting me put my thoughts down.  Another crave has been busted here!


Patience is key.

Posted by Christine13 Sep 19, 2016

I have to keep reminding myself that patience is key in my quit.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  Gradually I will see my days adding up.  Had some news about hubby last week.  Bone marrow biopsy was shockingly good!!  There will be no chemo for him or bone marrow transplant.  Dr. is looking for other reasons why he keeps loosing red blood cells.  Ultrasound on spleen and stomach coming up and a port being put in his chest Oct. 3rd.  (His veins are collapsing) So to have this for blood tests and transfusions will be a blessing.  We also have an appointment with cancer care on October 31st.  Hopefully we will find out more answers.  What has this got to do with my quit?  Well, both the quit, and his health are like roller coaster rides.  Some days are very good, and others depressing and sad.  The thing is patience is key because nothing moves too fast with either thing.  We all have good and bad days no matter what our lives are like.  So what I'm saying is enjoy all the good days you have and fight through the bad ones. You can do this!!  Smoking never solved a single problem in life.  All it did was keep you in the agony of withdrawal.  So enjoy your extra free time now that you don't smoke anymore.  I sure am, and loving the freedom from the death sticks.

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