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A day without Brian, he has gone for his two blood transfusions.  It take 4-6 hours.  It gives me some much needed time to myself.  His eye surgery was a success, and he can drive again.  He only needs reading glasses now!

I will be spending the day smoke free of course, and because he's not at home sleeping I will clean up and vacuum his bedroom.

Our kids are coming for a visit on July 5th.  Our grandson Phoenix is 12, and we haven't seen him in a year as we are unable to travel now.  It should be so much fun!!  I am happy today, and excited about next week!

I hope everyone here has an awesome smoke free day!!

xoxo ***:)***

Finally I have some down time to be here, I try to be here as often as I can.  Last week Brian had a COPD exaserbation.  He was so sick!  I got antibiotics and prendizone for him.  Thought I was going to loose him last Wednesday night.  He is doing much better now.  I know for myself smoking is not the answer.  So onward and upward I go to smoke freedom.  His eye operation is this Tuesday, and it will be tense because it's his good eye, the other one does not focus.  We are nervous and excited about his surgery.  I pray it goes well.

I'm keeping quit, finally it's a day to relax and take it easy and recharge my batteries.  There is no question about it, smoking doesn't solve any of my problems.  I will learn to deal with this one day at a time, and like pearls on a string my days will add up.

I wish you all well, you are LIFE savers here on EX.  :)  xoxo

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