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Hi, I haven't been able to check in all week.  Taking care of Brian and took down our old fence, big job, got two sections out myself and then all my neighbours came out and helped me take down the rest, was a big project.  I have our handyman to rebuild it for me!!  We've used him for many years and he likes things done right.  Brian is doing better again after two transfusions on Tuesday!  After a hectic week of hospital appointments I finally have some time to relax this morning.  Not going to smoke.  It's just not worth the consequences!!  Hope everyone has a super great day and weekend.  Sun is shining here and the forcast looks pleasant for next week!  Enjoy your smokefree day!  I will! :)


Update on Hubby's health

Posted by Christine13 Apr 19, 2016

Got some bad news last week on hubby's health.  He is now in iron overload due to all the blood transfusions.  This makes him a target for a heart event, and has also affected his kidneys.  We will be seeing a team of kidney Dr.'s.  We are still waiting for an appointment just to talk about a bone marrow transplant.  He has MDS- Mydeloplastic Syndrome.  He has had a really good month, so this was shocking news.  He is continuing on with some good days even this week.  Another transfusion next week.  I am trying to heal him with prayer, and advocate as best I can for the best care they can give him.  We are focusing on every good day that we have.  This is a terminal illness, and we are coming to terms with that.  I am praying for more time with him.  I am struggling with my quit, and have started over today.  I need to save the money and want this so much because he wants it so much for me too.  Tears here, we will get through this together.  It is in God's hands. xo

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