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5 years ago I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  Breast cancer.  I had the full meal deal.

two separate surgeries, chemo, radiation and the drug Tamoxifen for five years.  I've been blessed with five years of extra life!!  Today is my mammogram, this always gets me a bit jittery.  I'm pretty sure I'm ok, but still anxious to know results.  During that time I stopped smoking for two 3 month periods.  Those were the longest quits I had.  I am trying so hard to be successful this time around.  The people here at EX have blessed me with great support.  Every day I read inspiring messages of those who are making and keeping their quits, whether they are newbies or  Elders.  I will continue to do my best here to suceed.  Smoking isn't the answer it never was.  I am now proud to say I am a non-smoker.  My quit is very early, but am taking steps to get through the week.  Onward and Upward, right?  Thanks everyone for being here for me!


Thank you all!!

Posted by Christine13 Mar 7, 2016

Thanks to all of you who replied to my blog of yesterday!  I am so happy to say that today has been a much better day for me!!  My husband Brian is feeling a lot better emotionally speaking, and I am so grateful for that! Thanks for all you're prayers from the bottom of my heart!!  Today and yesterday we were able to soak up some sun out on the deck in 45 degree weather Farenheit.  It has rejuvinated our souls.  I said to him out on the deck that we were soul mates, he thought I said cell mates.  LMAO...........that's the way it's felt for us.  I am continuing to learn new skills like driving and am getting to be a master at problem solving.  Something I never had to do much of, cause he did it.  I am very quickly gaining independence from smoking and my anxieties about going out alone and driving!!  Life is so good!!  Please eat it up smokefree!!  Cause I am and it is great!!

I love you all!! xoxo Thanks ever so much for being there for me!!



My Battery

Posted by Christine13 Mar 6, 2016

My Battery is just about worn right out!  What happens when the battery dies?  The car won't work anymore.

We are getting closer to transfusion time for my husband.  This is always a difficult time for him and me.  Just last Monday he said he was suicidal.  I called the social worker right away and talked to her about it.  The next few days afterwards he felt a little better.  Our daughter came over for a visit with her new puppy and that perked him up a bit.  I have resources in place so if he ever says it again the crisis unit will come and do an intervention.  I am scared, stressed out.  I hope and pray his transfusion is Tuesday, because that will help him feel better again.  I have to stay strong but am just keeping my head above water.  So sometime today I am going to go out for an hour walk and just leave all this oppresiveness behind me for an hour.  I am sad, I can't control his illnes. (COPD, and rare bone marrow disease)  All I can do is advocate for him and try and cheer him up.  No smoking doesn't help this.  This is beyond my control.  Please help me stay strong for him, hee's been sick for 3 years.  Tears here, please say prayers for us.

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