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I am having a happy smoke free day today!  It's raining outside and I am warm and cozy at home, and not going out today.  Enjoying the energy I have today to clean up my house, nothing makes me feel better than feeling motivated!

I hope you all enjoy the day like I am!!  For today N.O.P.E.

Hugs all!  :)



So it goes.........

Posted by Christine13 Oct 18, 2015

Hi.  I've been trying to get here more each day and read blogs.  Today should be a good relaxing day here.  I am working on my Forever Quit.  I am learning every day how to cope better with the stress in my life without cigarettes.  You know for so many years I thought my cigarettes were friends to me.  I thought they would help me cope no matter what happened.  Well, they are NOT my friends.  YOU all are!!  Thank you to so many here for setting such a great example for me to follow!  I am inspired daily reading here.


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