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I'm home again.

Posted by Christine13 Aug 14, 2015

Hi everyone!  Just got back this week from a two day holiday at a cottage by a lake here with kids and grandkids.  It was lovely.  Kid's did all the cooking and clean up for us.  Hubby is doing a bit better after 3 blood transfusions last Thursday.  It took me a whole week to relax after taking him to the ER last week.

It will be sad on Sunday when they leave for home, another province away.  It's been so good to have them here for help and support.

I didn't post while I was away, sorry about that.  I will try to find time to blog more frequently.  It will help so much.  Thanks  for letting me share this with you all.  I am so finished with smoking!  I am finally relaxed and have calmed my nerves from last week.


Good News!

Posted by Christine13 Aug 7, 2015

Good news to share with all of you.  After a stressful week and a trip to the ER for my husband, after he got 3 units of blood he is finally doing much better.  He has MDS which is like a blood cancer and has to have blood transfusions every 3 weeks.  But the good news is he is well enough for now to go away with me and our kids and grandkids to a rental cottage for 2 days.  We haven't been away from home in 2 years and we are excited and can't wait to see our kids!  We leave on Sunday!

There will be no smoking for me!  I am so very happy about this!


Hello.  To all my EX friends, thanks for being here to listen to my story.

My husband whom I love dearly is a very sick man.  He has COPD and MDS.  We are hoping that he will be able to get a bone marrow transplant.  Quitting smoking has been as much of a roller coaster ride as his illnesses.  Every day seems to bring more stress for me because of him.  I am finding it so very hard to keep quit, but will start again today.  Smoking doesn't solve anything and I know this.  Our kids are coming in from another province with our grandson and I am determined not to be smoking anymore.  I am looking so forward to seeing them and spending some fun time together.  It will also be the support and  a break for me.

I will take this quit one day at a time, just as I do with my dear husband.  I know I have probably told you all this before, seems my mind wanders at times and I can't seem to remember things as good as I used to.

So - today I will let go and let God handle all this for me.

Thanks so much for reading my friends!


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