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Ok, I'm ready, I hope!

Posted by Christine13 Aug 31, 2014

I realize smoking gives me nothing but cancer and all those other nasty things.  I'm trying to turn my life around and put a line in cement that says NO more smoking for me.  I have felt downright helpless with this addiction.  I have a lot of stress, my husband is very ill.  I have a lot of really, really bad memories that haunt me when I stop smoking.  I have a mental illness, I am shizo-affective, which is bi-polar and schizophrenia combined.  I keep taking medication but my phychiatrist hasn't helped me much with the quit process.

There have been a lot of wonderful people who have helped me here in my two 3 month quits.

I am really hoping that I'm not such a failure and can still quit for good.  I'm desperate to change this and stop smoking.

I have been to whyquit and quitsmoking online.  Please help, in any way that you can.  I want to be free from this disease.


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